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07/08/2022 - 14:11

Bottlenecks in key projects removed

Disbursement of public investment (PI) capital remains a hot issue when disbursement is slower than planned. According to the relevant departments, in order to disburse PI capital, it is needed to remove bottlenecks in the key projects.

Tu Hien Fishing Port under construction

Progress ensured

The conservation, restoration and embellishment of the system of Hue Imperial City are one of the major projects the Provincial People's Committee requiring the acceleration of the progress. According to Hue City People's Committee, it approved the resettlement arrangement of 2,058 lots, received 1,980 lots of resettlement and issued 1,956 construction permits. The rest will continue to be completed in July 2022 in the mat-rolling form. More than 796 households built houses for stable life, representing 40.2% of households that received resettlement lots; 889/2,058 households handed over the ground…

During the implementation, the project had to adjust and raise the site clearance (SC) items from phase 2 to phase 1, so the volume is very large, and the pressure is on disbursement progress according to the capital plan. Meanwhile, the human resources of Hue City have not yet been supplemented in a timely manner.

Mr. Vo Le Nhat, Chairman of Hue City People's Committee said, “Although the city has properly implemented the regulations, the policy framework and the adjusted policies, the households had many different reasons relevant to the conditions for resettlement, largely due to the fact that they did not live at the recovered land plots, they were ineligible for resettlement arrangement. The city desires the people of the project area to share difficulties, soon hand over the ground, and relocate to a new place to stabilize their lives for the familial and socio-economic development.

The project progress acceleration contributes to boosting the public investment capital disbursement

“In the coming time, the city will complete the investment preparation of the Area 11 project to pave the way for the phase 2 of the project; continue to step up the SC of Hoc Hai and Kham Thien Giam reservoir areas supplemented by the Provincial People's Council; in 2023, focus on relocating and stabilizing the population …,” said Mr. Nhat.

Removing bottlenecks in the key projects is the underlying solution for PI capital disbursement. Many large projects behind schedule make this work difficult.

The component project for Tu Hien Fishing Port combined with the anchorage for storm avoidance, with a total investment of VND 148 billion, is also behind schedule. This project includes the items such as upgrading and repairing the existing 85m-long berth, building a new 75m-long berth and a 640m2-wide fish-classifying house. In addition, there are the items such as dredging the channel about 1,950m long, including 1,251m-long section from the sea to Tu Hien Fishing Port and the 700m-long section from Vinh Hien Lock to Tu Hien Fishing Port. Two dikes to prevent sand and reduce waves in the north and south are also built.

The construction unit representative said that the reason for the delay is that on average, only 3 to 4 piles per day can be driven; the minimum level of 15 piles per day cannot be reached. This is because during the actual construction, generators, water pressure pumps, vibration hammers often break down due to continuous construction in the marine environment and because the pile construction design plan is unsuitable.

Recently, at this project, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong has conducted the field inspection and asked the construction contractors to seriously implement, urgently supplement the construction organization plan, evaluate the present construction plan in order to choose optimal construction methods to ensure progress.

Construction of Tu Hien Fishing Port in combination with the anchorage for storm avoidance

Resources concentrated

Recently, the provincial leaders have continuously inspected the key constructions and projects. According to the Provincial People's Committee, for ODA projects with a wide scope, it is needed to focus on site clearance.

Leaders of the Provincial People's Committee said that the key projects such as the project for Hue City water environment improvement, the project for health service improvement need finalizing in the procedures to carry out construction. In addition, it is also necessary to complete the procedures to implement the projects such as Chan May Port breakwater in phase 2, Nguyen Hoang Street and the bridge over the Huong River, To Huu Street extending to Phu Bai Airport in 2022...

It is critical to drastically accelerate the disbursement of PI capital for the projects allocated capital in 2022 under the guidance of the Government, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee on the implementation of the PI. Notably, the province is speeding up the implementation progress. The site clearance and disbursement of all Central budget capital for the projects using the Central budget capital must reach completion in 2022.

For specific projects, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong said that the province is concentrating resources on accelerating the key projects such as Conservation, restoration and embellishment of Hue Imperial City system, Restoration of Kien Trung Palace - Forbidden City, Cho Mai - Tan My Street, Phu My - Thuan An Street, the main road of Chan May Urban Area...

The new projects are initiated such as the road connecting the non-tariff area with Chan May Port area, the road west of Tam Giang - Cau Hai Lagoon (Phu My - Phu Da section), the coastal road through Thua Thien Hue Province and Thuan An estuary bridge, Phong Dien urban infrastructure achieve the grade IV urban standards.

“We also focus on supporting, supervising and urging to accelerate the construction progress of projects granted investment guidelines. The working groups monitor and manage the investment projects, continue to check and handle obstacles in order to accelerate the implementation of off-budget projects and disburse PI capital for the projects using budget capital in the province. They also support and accelerate SC, soon implement the projects for production development infrastructure. We will also handle the responsibility for the unit that construct behind schedule and does not guarantee the implementation capacity in the near future,” emphasized Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Van Phuong.

Story and photos: Le Tho