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24/04/2019 - 07:52

Bright, but it must be beautiful and harmonious

Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Chairman of Thua Thien-Hue People’s Committee said so when talking to us about the plan to make Hue brighter with the slogan: Green - Clean - Bright.

Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho, Chairman of Thua Thien-Hue People’s Committee. Photo: PHAN THANH

According to Mr. Phan Ngoc Tho as well, though the province has not had an overall plan yet, it has carried out small plans to light the city. Priority is now given to the Imperial City and the Flag Tower.

An entrepreneur has agreed to invest in lighting the Flag Tower. As for the Imperial City, the province has agreed upon the plan and is completing paperwork for bidding, and the lighting will be started in the near future. The province intends to grow flowers around the relic together with the lighting, creating highlights for tourists to “check in” at night.

The province is preparing projects about the artistic lighting of Truong Tien and Phu Xuan Bridges as well. The bridges need to be lit, but the lighting must be beautiful and harmonious too. Our viewpoint is we will make the bridges colorful and vivid, but they cannot be too bright in order to avoid causing troubles for traffic and ruining the beauty of Hue City.

How about other streets, sir?

I have directed related units to replace big posters by billboards with LEDs. At the same time, through the Supervision and Management Center of Smart City, contents of billboards are also supervised in order to avoid advertisement that is unsuitable for Hue tradition, customs and culture.

The province will also ban advertising by posters hung on lamp posts across the streets and posters on walls, leaflets, etc., which ruin the beauty of the city. At the moment, some entrepreneurs have changed their ways of advertising into LED billboards such as those at Hung Vuong-Le Quy Don-Ha Noi Crossroads, contributing to the lighting of Hue City.

The lighting of Hue City must be harmonious and impressive. Photo: THANH TOAN

It means that the plan has been welcomed and supported by entrepreneurs and inhabitants. Doesn’t it?

Yes, that’s right. The province has advocated socialization in many plans including the project of lighting the city. The Green - Clean - Bright plan has been welcomed and supported by inhabitants, entrepreneurs, offices, organizations, etc. Especially the lighting plan was supported by entrepreneurs and inhabitants a long time ago.

The province has encouraged the buildings with 7 floors and up to turn on lights every night to contribute to the lighting of the city. Some entrepreneurs have done so such as VNPT, Viettel, etc. 

Hue City also encourage offices, entrepreneurs and inhabitants to turn on lights in front of their offices and homes on New Year’s Holidays and in Festivals. However, the support is still limited because this requires additional fees and some entrepreneurs need time to balance their budget.

You have just mentioned the socialization in lighting the main routes in Hue City. How about in the new urban areas and the outskirts of the city?

In the new urban areas such as An Van Duong and others, the province called for the collaboration from the entrepreneurs in building the infrastructure, including the lighting. It can be seen besides the investment by the government, we always have the cooperation from entrepreneurs. The province has also directed the lighting at the border areas to make sure all streets and national roads are lighted every night.

The lighting for Hue City must meet the criteria: harmonious, beautiful, and avoiding “light pollution”. Photo: THANH TOAN

In the coming time, the province will direct lighting the area from the Overpass to Phu Bai. At the moment, entrepreneurs are beautifying the area around Thanh Lam Field, growing lotuses and decorating the space under the Overpass. This will be a new highlight for Hue City this year.

Does the province increase the annual budget for lighting when implementing the “Green, Clean and Bright” project?

The budget for the lighting is based on the plans prepared by every area. In this year, the province has increased the budget for the lighting of the Imperial City every night. However, the province has decided not to sponsor the urban lighting anymore and will call for bidding.

The province will hire entrepreneurs to take charge of the lighting plan as a whole based on bidding. The entrepreneur who meets the criteria and charges the most competitive cost will be selected. Besides lighting, in the coming time, the province will also do the same with some other fields such as garbage collection, running the Provincial Waste Water Treatment Plant to save the budget and for better operation.

Thank you, sir.

Story: Tam Hue