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11/09/2021 - 08:14

Bright water lily flowers at noon

A water lily garden in Giang Hai commune (Phu Loc district - 45km away to the south of Hue city), which is brilliantly blooming under the hot noonday sun, looks like a unique painting and captivates visitors.

Bright flowers under the noonday sunlight

Perhaps in the minds of many visitors, water lily flowers usually have only three colors: pink, purple, and white. The wild flowers growing in ponds and lagoons not only adorn the countryside landscape, but also become the ingredient of many delicacies of the watery region.

In Giang Hai commune, through the talented hands of a son of the sea - Huynh Van Khanh, the barren coastal land has been turned into a heartbreakingly beautiful water lily garden.

About 45km away from Hue city, there are two ways that visitors can choose to get to this colorful garden. They can either cross Truong Ha bridge, or go along the coastline of Thuan An beach, and get to the flat terrain area III. From Vinh Thanh, the Giang Hai water lily garden is just 16km away, located right next to Giang Hai beach with the waves crashing all year round.

A series of water lily lakes of various shapes and sizes will be right in front of the visitors’ eyes. On the lake sparkling azure water, more than 100 species of water lily flowers are brilliantly showing their overwhelming beauty.

They are ranged from the “Betty” water lily flowers, with elegant purple petals and red stamens, the “King of Siam” water lily flowers with hundreds of purple and blue petals, to the gorgeous and noble “Queen Sirikit” water lily flowers. Each species of water lily flowers shows its different beauty with various eye-catching colors of blue, red, yellow, purple, and pink.

Under the clear sky and bright sunlight, the higher the sun rises, the more the water lily flowers show off their beauty. The hotter the weather is, the more brilliant the flowers bloom, radiating their perfume and spreading their petals in the midst of the blazing sunlight on the blue crystal water surface. Thus, in these hot sweltering summer days, the Giang Hai water lily garden is also in its most splendid season.

There is nothing more interesting than when in the middle of summer days, visitors walk on the grassy shore of the lakes, watch the shimmering shadows of themselves and the water lily flowers on the water surface.

Taking a moment away from the hustle and bustle of life, the eyes glued to computers and mobile phones in normal days will be given a chance to rest in the blooming colors of flower petals, the coolness of water lily leaves in harmony with the blue sky.

Into the dance of colors, the sea breeze blows over the casuarina hill and plays with the hair, whispering in the ears of visitors with mellow stories about the hard working of farmers and the boats heading out to the sea for fish. Surely, that strange experience will make visitors smile, and dispel their fatigue and anxiety.

In this season, the best time to visit this unique water lily garden is usually from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. When going to this place, visitors will not only enjoy the colors of the land along the waves, but also the taste of the sea amid hot summer days.

Only 500m away from the water lily garden, visitors can freely enjoy the beach. With all-day picnics, visitors can delightedly watch the sea at night and choose the freshest fish as the boats of Giang Hai fishermen dock.

Being always ready to welcome visitors, Giang Hai water lily garden is a beautiful destination to check-in without paying any fees. For flower lovers, this place will be a great choice to expand their eyes to enjoy beautiful and strange water lily flowers. And for those who love to experience, the water lily garden is the convergence of the beauty of colors, of the hard working, and of the peaceful vast blue space in the coastal countryside.

Story and photo: MAI HUE