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27/06/2017 - 15:23

Bringing clean water to Nam Dong

Thousands of households in five communes in Nam Dong district (ThuongNhat, Thuong Long, ThuongQuang, Huong Giang and Huong Huu) are thrilled to know that the Chairman of Provincial People's Committee has agreed to invest in clean water supply system for the five communes, with total investment of nearly 54 billion VND. The project will start from the fourth quarter of 2017 and is expected to complete in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Photo: HueWACO’s leaders survey the location to build a water supply plant in Thuong Long

“In 2010, the company set up a project to supply water to Nam Dong Cement Plant in whichone clean water factory in Thuong Long commune was proposed to supply clean water to people in the above 5 communes. However, this project has not been implemented due to failure to registercredit fund from JICA and Nam Dong Cement Plant has not been established,”Mr. Truong Cong Nam, Chairman of the Management Board of Hue Water Company (HueWACO) informed.

Local people have conveyed to representatives their desire to have a water supply plant. Therefore, Mr. Truong Cong Nam and the company's leaders advised the provincial People's Committee to use the funds from different sources. There are funds from dividends distributed by the state capital for the company; savings on investment costs; reduced wages and increased labor productivity; depreciation from property rentals and plus money that Nam Dong district has been awarded in New Rural Development and ODA funds.

The project "Investment in water supply system in 5 upper communes in Nam Dong district" is divided into 3 components, invested by 3 investing units with the total cost of 54 billion VND. Among them, the construction of Thuong Long clean water treatment plant with a capacity of 2,000m3 / day and 23.7km of D50- D225 transmission and distribution pipes in 3 communes of Thuong Long, Thuong Quang and HuongGiang and installation of 2,400 water meters for 5 communes is invested by HueWACO, with the total investment of 42.477 billion VND.

The installation of 24.8km D50- D225 transmission and distribution pipes in Huong Huu, ThuongNhat Communes will be invested by Nam Dong District People's Committee, with a total investment of 10 billion VND. The third installment of 16.64km of D50- D160 distribution pipelines is part of the pipeline network of two communes, Thuong Long and ThuongQuang, and is invested by the GMS Biodiversity Conservation Corridors Management Board-phase 2, with a total investment of 3.69 billion.

Mr. Truong Cong Nam informed that HueWACO's water supply proposal has been approved by the Provincial People's Committee. The company has repeatedly surveyed and selected A Ky stream (Thuong Long commune) as thewater source. The project has also been designed. It is expected that in the fourth quarter of 2017,the involved units will start construction and by the fourth quarter of 2018 the project will be accomplished and put into use. The completed project will sustainably provide clean andsafe water for 95% of the population of the five mentioned communes, ensuring water security and contributing to improving the infrastructure and quality of community life for the people of the mountainous Nam Dong district.

Mr. Tran Quoc Phung, Vice Chairman of Nam Dong District People's Committee, said that all three components are designed and supervised by HueWACO. During construction, the district will have a good coordination to ensure the quality of the works. Upon completion, the whole project will be handed over to HueWACO for operation and management.

By Thai Binh