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03/08/2019 - 20:46

Bringing Hue Chamber Music into schools

On the afternoon of August 2, the Department of Culture and Sports coordinated with the Department of Education and Training to launch the program “Bringing Hue Chamber Music into schools”. This is an activity within the framework of the coordination program between the two departments to promote the organizing of cultural and sports activities for students.

The program “Bringing Hue Chamber Music into schools” will spread and promote the value of Hue heritage

The program “Bringing Hue Chamber Music into schools” includes two contents: Hue Music Chamber training for music teachers of secondary schools in Hue city; Teaching Hue Chamber Music to students of Hue Chamber Music clubs in the secondary schools including Nguyen Tri Phuong, Thong Nhat and Tran Cao Van secondary schools.

The lecturers of Hue College of Arts and Culture and artists in this field will participate in teaching and performing Hue Chamber Music.

In three months, 30 teachers participating in the training program will be equipped with general knowledge about Hue’s music, culture and art history; learn various tunes of Hue Singing; perform and exchange knowledge with artists and musicians. After the course, the teachers will be able to teach Hue Chamber Music to students themselves.

By Minh Hien