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23/07/2018 - 07:53

Bringing smiles to children with birth defects in Central Highland region

The free operation program of the Resurge International Group (USA) in cooperation with the doctors at Hue Central Hospital has brought smiles to more than 200 children in the Central Highland region who have deformities, cleft lip, congenital cleft palate…

Doctors of Resurge International (USA) in cooperation with the doctors at the Hue Central Hospital are performing surgery for children with deformities

Helping patients feel more confident

7:00 am on some middle day of June, the corridor of Resuscitation and Surgery Department, ODA block, Hue Central Hospital was so crowded. Babies were sleeping in their parents' arms, sometimes cried because of pain after surgery. A tall doctor with blue eyes, white hair appeared, smiling to dispel the anxiety of the parents.

Ho Thi Thuy M. (20 years old, Hai Chanh, Hai Lang, Quang Tri) did not hide her joy when Dr. Le Thua Trung Hau, Head of Orthopedic-Trauma & Plastic Surgery Department, Hue Central Hospital gave her a pat on the shoulder and said: "After this, you will be able to talk and smile confidently."

M. is the first daughter of Mrs. Bui Thi Nam. With innate deformities, exposure of the upper lip, M. lacks confidence and rarely smiles. Despite being poor, Ms. Nam still tried to manage to seek treatment for her child, but it was impossible due to the high cost of the surgery. When she heard of this surgery program, Ms. Nam decided to come to Hue and her child got lucky.

"On June 10, I took her to the doctor, then the doctor appointed surgery the next day. The whole surgery was carried out and our family has not had to spend even a dime, all living expenses for more than 5 days were supported by the hospital. Today is the last inspection day, she could have a pretty smile and become more confident in front of her friends," Mrs. Nam said happily.

It was an unforgettable day for Pham Thi T. (22 years old in Quang Thach, Quang Trach, Quang Binh). T. suffered from innate cleft palate and jaw misalignment. Since the day she was born, her parents have not had a relaxing day as T. had difficulties in eating, especially when eating porridge, drinking milk. In this semi-mountainous areas, it is hard to make ends meet not to mention affording money to treat their child.

During her childhood as well as the time she went to school, T. lost all her self confidence, shied away from friends. For 12 years of schooling until graduation, even when she worked in Da Nang city, T. has never dared to smile. On the day we met, T. and her relatives were very confident and said: "I was just assigned to undergo surgery by the doctor, I’ll be in the operating room in a few minutes. They said that my face would become more beautiful after the surgery".

Bringing smiles to many faces

The program of Surgery for cleft lip and cleft palate of Resurge International Group (USA) was carried out for free from 4 to 17/6 at Hue Central Hospital. Within 2 weeks, the team cooperated with the medical team, doctors of related departments to examine more than 200 cases; It provided nearly 100 cases with free surgical facilities and surgery fees with a value of nearly $ 53,000. In addition to the support from the delegation, Hue Central Hospital also provided additional support to children such as hospitalized fees, medicines ... to reduce the burden on the families.

This charity program was brought to poor children in the Central Highlands region by Prof. Dr. Pham Nhu Hiep, Director of Hue Central Hospital and Dr. Le Thua Trung Hau, Head of Orthopedic- Trauma & Plastic Surgery Department. These are the people who have been searching for, coordinating with organizations inside and outside the country to carry out many charity programs to bring smiles to hundreds of cases of deformities, cleft lips and cleft palates; including many children.

According to Dr. Le Thua Trung Hau, cleft lips and cleft palates are not only medical problems but also relate to social issues, psychological development of human beings. There are many cases of deformities in the remote area. Those are the cases that have difficulties in speaking and even eating or drinking.

Parents are holding their children in their arms, trying to spoon-feed them so that they do not cry loudly because of hunger. There is no other way to spare their feelings of utter despair than to treat them with surgery. This is a matter for the conscientious doctors and the cooperation with humanitarian organizations in our country and abroad to resolve.

Dr. Le Thua Trung Hau said that this is the 7th time the delegation of Resurge International (USA) coordinate with Hue Central Hospital to help hundreds of children with deformities, cleft lips, cleft palates undergo examinations and surgeries for free. During the previous time, the delegation regularly carried training programs, transferring technology for local students, doctors in the field of cosmetic surgery on the face, hands, ears, eyes, throat ... This is the sustainable human resources, meeting the long-term demand for medical treatment of the hospitals.

Prof. William Mc Clure, Head of Resurge International, said: "When we arrived in Hue, we were very impressed with the friendly and hospitable staff of Hue Central Hospital. That gave us the motivation to return to Hue Central Hospital every year to share with the misfortune of children in the Central Highlands and our aim is to bring back their smiles… "

Story and photo: Minh Van