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27/10/2022 - 21:24

Bringing the “breath” of autumn into living spaces

To bring radiant colors of autumn into your home, you do not need to pay too much and be fussy, as it just requires a little subtlety, small changes in decorative accessories, or the addition of green plants, in-season flowers and fruits.

Being fresh with fruit-laden branches of persimmon

On these days, the living room of Tran Thi Yen Nhi (Phu Loc) is bright up with a ceramic pot filled with fruit-laden branches of persimmon. With only five branches of persimmon, which are carefully pruned, this special "flower" vase has brought the freshly bright and eye-catching colors of green, yellow, and red to the already familiar room.

Nhi said: “My relatives live in Da Lat, every time this season, I choose persimmon branches with leaves and fruits to decorative. This kind of persimmon branches has one advantage that they can be kept for a long time. In particular, the freshness of crispy persimmon branches can be maintained for a whole month. While egg persimmon branches are less durable, the fruits ripen quickly with beautiful color and also delicious”.

As the trend of loving the kitchen, addicted to home has arisen, a "trend" of decorating home with fruits or flowers is also very popular. Especially in the autumn, when fruits namely persimmon, jujube, and pomegranate, as well as flowers with typical autumn colors such as chrysanthemums, aster amellus, and daisy are in their full bloom.

The appearance of vases filled with flowers or fruit-laden branches not only are beautiful and eye-catching, but also bring unique vivid and fresh colors to the living spaces.

Being brilliant amid the autumn sunlight

Besides small corners in the house, many families have brought the natural features into the design and layout of the space so as to add energy to their home.

Dang Minh Tri (Hue City) shared: “This season, the weather is erratic so that I prefer to put small plants with pleasant scents such as rosemary and lemon cypress on the bookshelf, and the desk to relax. As for the empty corners in the house, I choose bigger plants, which will help to filter the air and become chilling corners for reading and relaxing after tiring working hours.”

According to Cong Thinh, an architect, while fresh colors such as green, light pink, and light purple are favored in the summer; warm and calm colors often steal the spotlight​ in the autumn, as the weather is cool. Wherefore, furniture and decor pieces with the main colors being red-brown, orange, yellow, and dark green are emerging.

“Chilling” in a relaxing space of the autumn

“There is no need to be too fussy or costly to bring the cozy and comfortable feeling of the autumn into home. For the spaces of living room and bedroom, you just need to change the curtains, or modify the interior by switching the colors of sofa pillows, blankets, tablecloths, and carpets into autumn tones, to bring a new breath for the spaces,” said Cong Thinh.

In addition, in order to create more accents, knitted and crochet decorative accessories are also an autumn trend. It can be a macrame curtain, which will let the golden sunlight shine into the house; or a macrame leaf representing the colorful fall foliage season, which will bring to life the monotonous wall.

Besides the interior space, the autumn garden landscape is another focus of many families.

Yen Nhi shared: “The Nong Nooch Vines (Petraeovitex bambusetorum) with beautiful drooping yellow flowers are cozy and eye-catching. The petals of petunia flowers are thin and bright, while plumbago flowers are very beautiful in blue color. In cool weather with gentle sunlight, these flowers will bloom more brilliantly in late autumn. Therefore, these flowers are my top priority when decorating; thanks to that, my house is full of colors and fresh breath of the autumn."

Story: Mai Hue. Photos: Provided by the characters