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25/11/2018 - 09:18

Bringing the quintessence of Oriental medicine in Hue

On the occasion of Vietnam Cultural Heritage Day, on the morning of November 23, Hue Cultural Museum in collaboration with Hue Association of Oriental Medicine celebrated the opening ceremony of the Exhibition of “The Quintessence of Oriental Medicine in Hue".

The exhibition space introduced the documentation, artifacts, images of the organization and activities of traditional and modern Oriental medicine in Hue to the visitors. Besides, the exhibition presented the images and documentation related to the Imperial Hospital, villages having plenty of famous physicians, and instruments used in the field of Oriental medicine, such as medicine cabinets, prescriptions, decoction equipment, medicine preparation, Nam (Southern) medicinal plants…

 “The quintessence of Hue Oriental medicine” exhibition space

Visitors not only got to watch medical activities of Oriental medicine nowadays, in the exhibition space, they could also see physician directly performing medical examination.

This activity helped the visitors generalize the traditional characteristics, the quintessence of Hue Oriental medicine, as well as honored the contribution of Oriental physicians, medical ancestry, medical institutions in Oriental medicine in providing healthcare to people; preserving and developing the elite values ​​of the proud tradition of the Ancient capital

News, photo: Minh Hien