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22/07/2019 - 09:09

Bringing the Royal Medical Academy into tourism

Established on the foundation of Thanh Noi Hotel, Hue’s Royal Medical Academy space will provide high-class and unique tourism products, attached to the prescriptions used by Nguyen Dynasty Royal Medical Academy.

Information of the Royal Medical Academy on the Chau Ban system. Photo: Thu Thuy

The potential of Hue

This project is being implemented at 57 Dang Dung St., Hue City – a housing area of over 4,000m2. Dai Nam Thai Y Vien Joint Stock Company won the bid to implement the project. This land originally belongs to Thanh Noi Hotel.

With the Royal Medical Academy project, the land will be renovated into a royal-style therapy area, with the capacity of the treatment complex expected to be about 200 - 250 visitors / day, following the health treatment procedures. This is also one of three projects to develop services based on promoting the value of Hue Monuments recently approved by the provincial People's Committee in early 2019.

For the people of Hue, the Royal Medical Academy is not a strange phrase. Under the Nguyen Dynasty, the Royal Medical Academy was the royal health care agency, which was also responsible for health care of officials of the court, of the soldiers and of the normal people. The Nguyen Dynasty Royal Medical Academy played an important role in the field of medicine and pharmacy.

In recent years, during each Hue Festival, Hue Monuments Conservation Center had reserved space to introduce the Royal Medical Academy in Hue cultural heritage and introduce precious medicine prescriptions of the Nguyen Dynasty Royal Medical Academy.

Official Badge of the Royal Medical Academy staff displayed and introduced in the Imperial Citadel. Photo: TT

Dai Nam Thai Y Vien Joint Stock Company collaborates with doctors who are the students of the Royal doctors to restore the royal medicine prescriptions and therapeutic methods that were specially formulated for the Royal Family. The Royal Medical Academy space will inherit, preserve and develop traditional medicine associated with Thai Y Vien (Royal Medical Academy) brand. This will create unique tourism products, aiming to bring Hue ancient capital into the top tourist destination of health care and treatment of the Central region as well as of the whole country.

The core human resource of this healthcare and treatment center is the highly qualified physicians of Hue Oriental Medicine Association. They will apply traditional prescriptions of the Royal Medical Academy to examine and treat patients.

In addition, in other spaces, visitors can visit the supplies and prescriptions used in the ancient Royal Medical Academy, experience meditation therapy and enjoy healthy food, drinks...

Thanh Noi Hotel will be the space of the Royal Medical Academy. Photo: Duc Quang

"Ore mine" of investors

This is what Mr. Tran Ngoc Linh, General Director of Dai Nam Thai Y Vien Joint Stock Company, said when talking about The Royal Medical Academy project. Tran Ngoc Linh has approximately 13 years of experience working with Hue during the festivals, in which he worked on projects such as "The breath of water, Vietnamese kitchen in Hue garden", with many famous artisans, such as Ms. Thanh Tam, Ms. Minh Man, Ms. Thanh Huong, Mr. Tran Kich, Mr. Lu Huu Thi, etc. Because of this, he has "absorbed" the value of cultural heritage that the ancient capital has to offer.

"Restoring the Nguyen Dynasty Royal Medical Academy is a project with many difficulties and challenges. But it is because of the challenges that make us more determined. This is an ore mine that no one has exploited. It can be said that the implementation of the project is a long and arduous journey, a journey of learning and researching. But we have confidence in the people who are building and operating the project, that they all are committed to their mission and responsibility in the upcoming work,” said Mr. Tran Ngoc Linh.

Regarding the progress, Mr. Tran Ngoc Linh said it is too early to talk about the roadmap to restore the Royal Medical Academy of the Nguyen Dynasty. But he stressed: "We only know to concentrate all of our energy, resources and mentality for this. In the next few months, the public will see the first results. Previously, products of Dai Nam Thai Y Vien were also introduced. But next month, we will introduce Hue-branded products to all parts of the country”.

Story and photos: Dong Van