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02/09/2021 - 09:28

Building, managing and developing geographical indications “Hue” for Hoang Mai (Yellow apricot blossom) products

On the morning of August 31, the leader of the Department of Science and Technology said that the unit just held an online conference to select organizations and individuals in charge of implementing the provincial science project: “Building, managing and developing geographical indication ‘Hue’ for Hoang Mai products of Thua Thien Hue province”. AMC Vietnam Brand Developing and Consulting Co., Ltd. participated in this recruitment.

Provincial leaders always encourage organizations and units to participate in planting yellow apricot trees in front of their gates

The objective of the project is to investigate and evaluate the current situation in order to determine the practical and scientific basis for the protection of the geographical indication “Hue” for Hoang Mai products of the province; establishing the subject (the applicant organization) to register, manage and develop the geographical indication “Hoang Mai Hue”. At the same time, the project aims to built and successfully register for the protection of the geographical indication “Hue” for producing and trading products from the apricot tree of Thua Thien Hue.

Dr. Ho Thang, Director of the Department of Science and Technology, Chairman of the Advisory Council to select participants, said that the goal of the project is to maintain and promote its reputation, sustainably develop and replicate the precious flower with its traditional cultural, historical and spiritual values ​​in Thua Thien Hue province.

Since then, it helps to build a production area for special goods of Hoang Mai products bearing the geographical indications, having its own brand, and increasing people's livelihoods; at the same time, contributing to the success of the project “Building Thua Thien Hue into the land of yellow apricot of Vietnam”.

According to the assessment of the council, the candidate has presented the content that meets the requirements and objectives of the project; so, it is selected to expedite the implementation of the above project with a period of 2 years (starting from September 2021).

By Song Minh