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22/10/2017 - 17:50

Bustling pedestrian quarter

Pham Ngu Lao-Vo Thi Sau-Chu Van An western quarter has officially become the pedestrian quarter on weekends. The residents, visitors, young and old people all feel a new space when immersing themselves in the walking crowds, with many food stalls and art performances.

Young people perform street music at Pham Ngu Lao-Chu Van An-Vo Thi Sau pedestrian quarter 

In these crowds, I was attentive and impressed by the street music space. Young people immersed themselves in the effervescent melodies that anyone passing must stop and dance to the music. That is part of the pedestrian quarter’s soul.

The later at night, the more people came. “It is the open space. Singing well is not needed, daring to sing is more important,” is the invitation of a street band in the crowded circle of people. An acoustic speaker, two guitars, a cajon drum, and some microphones have made up an exciting stage.

Going into the pedestrian quarter, we were motivated to hurry by the melodies of effervescent music. The stage, located in the middle of Pham Ngu Lao street, of Du Ca Co Do band with many young members from schools in Hue city, attracted hundreds of young people.

A lot of young people go to the pedestrian quarter because of their passion for street music.

After the performances of Du Ca band members, the audience was invited to the stage to sing. In fact what is new and exciting is the space of the pedestrian quarter in which the roadway was the center. The singers sang in the middle of the semicircle of audiences. Many foreign visitors were highly inspired and accompanied the “singers”; they danced, applauded and made the streets bustle with the festive atmosphere amidst the shimmering and fanciful scene. "The most interesting of the pedestrian quarter is that the crowded cycles of young people with bands performing create the cheerful and young atmosphere," Ngoc Diep (Hue city) said.
Young people playing music at the pedestrian quarter shared the same feeling – an uplifted feeling. It was simply because they felt warm welcome from many peers, especially foreign visitors in the vibrant art space at night. “I myself find that when night falls, it is also the time when art sublimates the best. The stage in the roadway at the pedestrian quarter has given me that feeling; there is no restraint, no constraint or pressure by anyone. This connects people together and creates more colors for Hue city at night,” Le Thanh, a member of Du Ca band excitedly said.

The street music-stage was getting more and more exciting. From the songs of ordinary life popular with the younger generation to the European-American tunes, they were in turn sung. Some bolero melodies sometimes changed the atmosphere. Having just finished the accompanying music for a young singer’s song, Le Thanh said that all things were so great, but it was not enough to stop right here. In the coming time, the band would organize more themed music nights to bring visitors new experiences with more shades of feelings, people would immersed themselves in musicby the more spontaneous, passionate ways.

Story and photos: Phan Thanh