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29/07/2021 - 09:53

Camping by A Sap River

At first glance, camping by the river is not very appealing. But in A Luoi, camping by Asap River in summer is an exciting experience. Coming here, people can not only enjoy good breezes, but also go fishing and have fun.

Camping by A Sap River with family is an impressive experience.

Unlike the feeling of relaxation at highland streams and waterfalls, camping by A Sap River is relaxing in a different way. In summer, the water dries up, revealing quite large grounds. A small groups of us friends can freely choose a good place for the tent. 

A Sap River is at the source of Sekong River in the Mekong River system, originating in A Luoi District and flowing through Ka Lum District, Sekong Province of Laos. From streams in Lam Dot Commune, A Luoi District at the foot of Ba Lach Pass, the river flows northwest to Hong Thai Commune, then turns southwest to Laos.

The river flows through many areas, supplying water for people and for hydroelectricity. In summer, this place serves as a stopover for relaxation for hikers. The temperature in mountainous A Luoi is lower than in the city. Sitting by the river, people can enjoy breezes which blow away the summer heat. 

People can travel right there by car.

A Sap is ideal for those who can swim. The water is clear, cool, and deep enough for them to swim at their pleasure. 

Asap River is abundant in fish such as carps, barbs, snakeheads, etc., which makes the river a good place for fishers. According to those who often fish there, there are sometimes fish up to 3-5kg in weight.

Imagine you can catch such a big fish, then grill it on a charcoal fire to enjoy with some cold beer in the open air with stars above the sky. Just thinking of it makes me want to pack my backpack and go there again.

Now there is no need for people to bring lots of things with them for the picnic by the river. Although it has not been listed as a tourist site yet, the Youth Union of Hong Thuong Commune can rent people tents and boats at affordable prices (VND100.000/ night for the tent and VND50,000/hour for the boat.) 

They also sell food and firewood if needed. In addition, if you come here at weekends (Friday to Sunday), the local Youth Union can also organize singing programs and bonfire nights by the river.

At weekends, it is recommended that people choose the site for their camp at the river section at Hong Thuong Commune, Hong Thai. You can go fishing, boating and diving. At night you can behold the starry sky. In the distance are electric lights from the highland town. People will find peace after a week of hard work. In this time of pandemic, the long river with lots of empty grounds can ensure social distancing too.

A Luoi is trying to develop tourism and the local Culture and Information Department is willing to assist visitors. Although A Sap River has not been listed as a tourist site yet, tourists from afar are still be assisted and advised if needed. 

Although the destination is always open, in order to have a complete experience by Asap River, people should come in the morning to put up the tent and leave the next morning when the temperature is still low. That time frame is also good for those who come at weekends. Camping by Asap River is a way to renew yourself for your one-week-one-site choice.

Story: TINH TAM - Photos: A Luoi Tourism