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08/01/2021 - 16:04

Celebrating 232th Anniversary of Nguyen Hue’s Coronation

The event was held by Hue City People's Committee on the morning of January 7. Attending the ceremony were Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Le Truong Luu; Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Nguyen Quoc Doan; Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho.

Provincial leaders lighting incense at the National Hero Memorial of Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue

At the beginning of December 1788, 29,000 Qing troops invaded our country. On December 22, 1788, at Mount Ban, Nguyen Hue had an altar set up to sacrifice to heaven and earth and held the coronation of ascendancy to the throne of the King, setting the reign as the Quang Trung. He then ordered the army to move to the North at high speed. The Tay Son Army had more than 10 thousand people, of which the majority selected in Thuan Hoa was considered the main force in combat.

In the spring of the year of the Rooster (1789), the Tay Son insurgent army under the direction of the Cloth hero Nguyen Hue started an attack on Ngoc Hoi post and marched into Thang Long Citadel. Within only 5 days of the general attack in the early spring of the Lunar New Year (January 25 to January 30, 1789), the Tay Son army bravely fought to defeat the Qing invaders. With a fast, sudden, daring and fierce attack, King Quang Trung had defeated the Qing army, maintaining the independence and sovereignty of the nation.

Re-enacting the dispatch of the army ceremony

The incense offering ceremony to commemorate 232 years of Nguyen Hue ascending the throne and deploying the army to destroy the Qing invaders took place with the ceremony of incense offerings of local delegations. The memorial area for the national hero of Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue was built next to the historic Mount Ban site with many important meanings, showing the respect and gratitude of the Party Committee, authorities and people of Thua Thien Hue province and Hue city for the national hero Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue.

This year's art program was performed in an epic theatrical form, with the theme "The sound of the Mount Ban’s drums", including the re-enactment of drumming of the soldier recruitment, Nguyen Hue’s sacrifice to heaven and earth and ascending to the throne as King Quang Trung, training soldiers to dispatch the army, and the triumph return. The festival was performed with the incense offering ceremony of the rituals and visitors across the country. There were also martial arts performances, unicorn-lion-dragon dances...

Story and photos: Thanh Huong