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09/01/2019 - 07:41

Change to adapt

In order to keep pace with the 4th industrial revolution (the 4.0 revolution), Thua Thien Hue enterprises are actively improving their competitiveness, positively adapting to the rapid changes of the market to rise to integration and development.

Transaction at Thuan An BIDV. Photo: Linh Dan

Proactive from the enterprises

As one of the banks with a relatively good technology system highly evaluated in terms of the information technology foundation, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam BIDV - Thua Thien Hue Branch always focuses on promoting digital technology, improving service quality and launching many products with appropriate approach and high security.

Deputy Director of BIDV - Thua Thien Hue Branch Nguyen Le Hieu said that recently, BIDV has focused on investing heavily in technology innovation, launching new products such as QR code, ATM withdrawal without using card, Smart Banking; Internet Banking; online transactions on the Internet or investment programs related to credit approval (expected to be implemented in the early quarter 1 of 2019) and so on.

Simultaneously, in order to catch up with the regional and Asian banks, BIDV appoints staff to study abroad, recruit good personnel in information technology, and build programs to serve the operational management of the system, invest in upgrading the operational system.

 “Recently, the trend of non-cash payment and digitization in personal banking services has confronted banks with opportunities and challenges. To adapt to the 4.0 era, BIDV proceeds to reduce cash transactions, increase labor productivity by increasing electronic banking transactions, first of all at the electronic transaction points in Hanoi and in the near future those  in Hue," said Hieu.

As one of the enterprises that have been gradually transforming to adapt to the era of a digital economy, Hue Scavi Company is proactive in investing more modern machines and lines, developing the plans to improve product quality, meet partners’ increasing requirements.

General Director of Hue Scavi Tran Van My expressed, "At this time, we will invest in the necessary equipment and await the manufacture of automatic machines. Scavi will give priority to automation. In the immediate future, the upgrading of modern machinery and equipment will be immediately implemented and is expected to be completed by late 2019.”

According to General Director of Hue Scavi, the textile and garment industry is now competing for the assembly minute number, so if we do not prepare ahead, strictly follow the production process and invest in modern machinery and equipment to improve product quality, it is very difficult to survive while  many countries apply the automation technology in the 4.0 revolution trend.

At Hera Biopharmaceutical Company, Ltd., besides investing in infrastructure with modern equipment and machinery originating from the pharmaceutically advanced countries, the unit focuses on training and improving the quality of personnel to meet the requirements in the digital age. Director of the company, Mr. Pham Ba Hung said, “Right after starting the factory, we immediately sent pharmacists to Hanoi to train for nearly 3 years to ensure the grasp of expertise and meet the task demand."

Accompanying and the local support

Thua Thien Hue has more than 4,600 enterprises in operation. Over the past years, the enterprise community is a major part of the province's total GDP, making an important contribution to the budget revenue in the province. However, 99% of small-scale and super small-scale enterprises are poor in capital and weak in management knowledge; the infrastructure capacity of many units and fields remain limited; the training and development of local human resources have not adapted; the production and business development mechanisms and policies have had many barriers and so on.

Access to the 4.0 revolution will face many challenges in terms of employment, wage difference, mounting polarization between unskilled labor and intellectual labor and so on. Chairman of the Provincial Enterprise Association Duong Tuan Anh said that enterprises needed to have connection and alliance to develop and improve competitiveness.

Accompanying enterprises in activities and in accessing the 4.0 industrial revolution, in the last time the province has gradually solved the difficulties in production and business for enterprises. Putting the centers of public administration at district and central levels into stable operation and promoting efficiency are agreed and supported by people, organizations and enterprises, bringing about fundamental changes in e-government development to reduce time and costs for enterprises.

The province completes the formulation of the project on developing smart urban services, implements it and officially put the Public Service Information Portal into operation. According to Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Phan Ngoc Tho, the provincial leadership is complying strictly with the guidelines of the Government, ministries and central agencies and is committed to accompanying, listening, meeting and opportunely exchanging to deal with difficulties for enterprises.

Besides, there is the practical support for the enterprise community to increase the enterprise governance work level such as support for registration of intellectual property, brands, trademarks and product traceability application; support for trade promotion, electronic transaction cards, electronic business registration, electronic services; business condition cut, transaction time minimization for enterprises and so on.

Story and photo: LIEN MINH