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13/08/2019 - 10:51

Children discover Ho Chi Minh President Memorial House

“Uncle Ho and children” is the theme of the activities to discover at Ho Chi Minh Memorial House (Mai Thuc Loan St., Hue City) held by Ho Chi Minh Museum in collaboration with Children’s House for children.

Awarding prizes and commemorative gifts to students

50 students from Hue Children’s House participated in the contest of painting on paper fans with the theme “Uncle Ho and children”. In the beautiful handwriting contest, each child wrote down a poet of President Ho Chi Minh in standing strokes, steady strokes, or thin strokes, thick strokes, or creatively performed a poet of President Ho Chi Minh in freestyle.

The teams also actively participated in the game of identifying heritages.  Each correct answer will gain a piece of the photo about memorial relics of President Ho Chi Minh.

Mrs. Le Thuy Chi, Director of Ho Chi Minh Museum said: “This is an activity to improve the efficiency in promoting the values of the memorial relic system about President Ho Chi Minh to all walk of life, especially to students”.

Story, photo: Minh Hien