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29/06/2019 - 14:12

Children learn to make cakes

This is an experience activity for children organized by Hue Cultural Museum in collaboration with Hue Children's House on the morning of June 28.

Mrs. Mai Thi Tra, a culinary artist, instructs the children to make molding fruit-shaped cake

With the guidance of Mrs. Mai Thi Tra and Mrs. Mai Thi Thanh Xuan, the culinary artists, 45 children who are students of Hue Children 's House were allowed to knead flour, shape and color to make molding fruit-shaped cakes.

Using mung bean flour, the children shaped it into colorful fruits, such as peaches, chillis, oranges and plums,... and they brought back the cakes as gifts for their parents and relatives; and, that gives pleasure to everybody.

The similar experience activities organized by the Hue Cultural Museum during the summer not only enliven the museum space but also bring the children an interesting experience, better understanding of meticulousness, creativity and unique of Hue cakes.

 By Minh Hien