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11/11/2019 - 08:19

Chình (Anguillidae) farming makes a profit of billions of Dongs

Chình farming model with 6-billion-dong capital of Mr. Le Quang Cao in Sia town (located in Quang Dien district, which is 15 km away from Hue city) is about to be harvested. The first crop is expected to make a profit of 1 billion dongs.

Nursing with cages

Specializing in excavator services, sand and soil transportation for many years, but Mr. Cao has always cherished the desire to have the opportunity to invest in a high-tech agricultural production model in the locality.

After three years of researching and studying from different places in the southern provinces, Mr. Cao came to realize that Chình farming is a suitable direction compatible with local weather, climate and water resources.

Chình are deemed a delicious-meat specialty with high consumption in the market, and are favorable with many people. As the result, the price is quite high, ranging from 350 to 400 thousand dongs per kg.

With those advantages, Mr. Cao immediately commenced investing in the model of Chình breeds and commercial products. He decided to quit his job as excavator driver, and transporting sand and soil. He collected all his capital with more than 6 billion dongs to invest in building a Chình farm with an area of 4 hectares. Since the beginning of this year, he has purchased 157,000 breeding of Chình from the southern provinces to rear the first crop.

After more than half a year, Mr. Cao has transferred 3,000 breeding to pilot commercial rearing. Initially, it shows that Chình are suitable to the natural conditions in Quang Dien area and have grown quite well.

Regarding the initial effect, Mr. Cao asserted that Chình are really "incredibly suitable" to Sia land. Despite initially encountering a number of technical difficulties, or water sources factors such as acidity has not been completely treated, or the rate of breeding loss is relatively high, etc., the current value is still quite large; the selling of all the varieties and commercial products at this time will be over 1 billion. If the farming process meets the technical factors and high productivity requirements, the sale price can be from 1.5 to 2 billion dongs.

Chairman of Sia Town People's Committee, Mr. Ho Dang Dung said: “Knowing Mr. Cao boldly investing in large scale, opening up many prospects for the locality in particular and Quang Dien district in general, the local authorities always show concern about his work, and facilitate the procedures for granting land for production and other related policies”.

Since Mr. Cao started implementing the model, apart from hiring aquatic-species engineers and technically qualified workers, local authorities have also collaborated with specialized agencies to regularly inspect, supervise and support knowledge and farming techniques of breeding Chình for Mr. Cao.

“Everything is just the beginning, so we need to work and study at the same time. Among the factors in environmental treatment, feeding on proper content and right time, the application of disease prevention and treatment techniques is of particular concern”, Mr. Cao said.

During the recent visit and checking the model of Mr. Cao's Chình farming, Member of the Central Committee of the Party, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's Council, Mr. Le Truong Luu highly appreciated the ideas, the boldness of investment of the owner. Successful model is a new direction for agricultural development of Quang Dien district in the process of changing suitable models and restructuring agriculture.

The Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee requested that in the process of implementing the model, farmers should continue to study new techniques and focus on preventing epidemics to achieve the highest productivity. The local authorities as well as the agriculture sector need to pay attention to support capital, technology, farming land; and, at the same time monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the model for local replication.

Story and photo: Hoang Trieu