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18/12/2017 - 08:27

Christmas comes early

It is not yet Christmas, but the holiday atmosphere has come to Hue, with Christmas colors visible on all the streets...

Christmas shops become popular destinations prior to Christmas Day

The weather in Hue near Christmas time is chilly, but the streets are still crowded with young people wearing their best outfits to welcome an early Christmas. Of course, a "ritual" that cannot be ignored is taking photos to show off to others that Christmas has come.

"It’s the same with every holiday. The preparation time before the actual holiday is the best. I feel very eager and excited,” said Nguyen Hai Thanh (student of University of Foreign Languages - Hue University) while she waited for her turn to take a selfie amidst the Christmas decorative space on Hung Vuong Street. Not only Thanh, many young people are feeling mixed emotions in these mid-winter days.

Young people gather at a large Christmas tree to have fun

Christmas decorations are not only seen in the city center. They are everywhere, from small businesses to hotels, cafes, and convenience stores. The magnificent decorations create a more vibrant and shimmering night scene. These places are also the gathering points for young people to come and take pictures to capture the moment of welcoming Christmas.

In hotels and restaurants on Le Loi street, Hung Vuong street, Pham Ngu Lao - Vo Thi Sau - Chu Van An walking streets, and in the hall and lounge of Indochine Palace Hotel, many large Christmas trees are ornamented. Christmas symbols are also painted with three main colors: red, green and white. All are enhanced with flashing fairy lights. The neighborhoods on these streets are decorated like a boulevard in the West, with the joyous Jingle Bells music played.

A young couple pose for a selfie as a memory of Christmas 2017

"I like the most about half a month before and after Christmas in Hue, because the weather is beautiful. At that time, I can dress up a little and confidently stroll the streets to experience the festive atmosphere," Nguyen Hong Van, an office worker in Hue, shared. Van is from Quang Binh and had gone to many places before choosing Hue as a place to settle down. So, the young girl has had the opportunity to experience Christmas in many regions. "Each place has its own beauty, and it’s difficult to compare. But I like Hue's Christmas atmosphere," Van added.

Some young people celebrate the early Christmas season by strolling along the streets or going shopping with their family. At a handmade shop in the Western Quarter, due to beautiful decorations, many people come to take pictures rather than to buy anything. This is a clever way to promote products to visitors and local people, the young owner Phan Nhat Binh honestly said. "While it makes everyone happy, I can introduce my products and sell a few items too," Binh said while finishing up some Christmas decorations in the middle of the shop.

Story and photos: NHAT MINH