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03/02/2019 - 11:12

Chưng cakes (cubic sticky rice cakes), Tét cakes (rolled sticky rice cakes) on spring days 

For a long time, Chưng cakes, Tét cakes are indispensable dishes on the trays on Tet days of Vietnamese people. Depending on the customs, habits and culture that each region has different way to wrap and cook Chưng cake and Tét cakes.

As for the Chưng cakes, Tet cakes of Hue people, these kinds of cake are moderately thick and not too big. The filling includes pork belly and mung beans which are cooked, ground and tastily seasoned. The sticky rice is chosen on the sieve, which is usually planted in the low-lying fields which keep the water. When all of the ingredients are ready, it is necessary to have the experienced and skillful people to wrap the square Chưng cakes and perfectly round Tét cakes.

Although making Chưng cakes, Tét cakes is not the main livelihood, but when the spring comes, many Hue families still keep the habit of making Chưng cakes, Tét cakes as a way to preserve family customs and keep ancestral traditions.

Choosing sticky rice on the sieve

The necessary ingredients to make Chưng cakes and Tét cakes

An image of many generations wrapping Chưng cakes, Tét cakes together is a beauty in traditional culture of Hue people in Tet holiday 

Chưng cakes, Tét cakes are boiled in the big pots and cooked continuously all night

Chưng cakes, Tét cakes are indispensable dishes on the ancestral altars when the spring comes

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