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04/08/2019 - 15:11

Classical concert to raise funds for a public swim site by the Huong River

The classical autumn concert was held by the couple Truong Dinh Ngo and Camille Huyen (artist) on the evening of August 3 at Ben Xuan theater in their own garden by the banks of the dreamy Huong River (Huong Ho ward, Huong Tra town).

Romantic scenery of the classical autumn concert night

In the romantic space by the river, there were the sounds of the wind, of music and of friends of the Huong River. Camille Huyen and artists from Vietnam and abroad took turns singing songs adapted from the poetry of Han Mac Tu. There were also classical East-West concert performances.

Talking about the birth of this music night, Mr. Ngo said simply: “‘Music for the environment’. The concert is non-profit; each person in the audience makes contributions towards environmental protection. This money will go towards the fund for a project which I initiated. This is a project to build natural, public swim sites – where the local people and tourists can go swimming or participate in water sports.”

By P. Thanh