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28/04/2019 - 15:15

Colorful brocades

Among many exhibition spaces in Hue Traditional Craft Festival 2019, domestic and foreign tourists pay special attention to the space for brocade.

In this space, the artisans introduce to the people and visitors the unique traditional occupations that need to be preserved and developed.

Many traditional brocade weaving works of ethnic groups are displayed and performed. In addition to the brocade, this space also displays products from many famous silk villages in the country such as Thai Nam Nha Xa silk, Van Phuc silk, Nam Cao tussore, Bao Loc silk, Vietnam Silk House, etc.

Not only familiar brands, the visitors also see firsthand the rare types of brocades, which join in the Traditional Craft Festival for the first time such as traditional costumes of the K’ho and Chau Ma people. These are two of the few ethnic groups still preserving many unique features in their traditional costumes. Only by weaving frames made of wooden rods, bamboo bars or tubes, K'ho and Chau Ma people have created colorful and beautiful brocade products with many values such as covering, loin-cloths, skirts, bags and decorations, etc.

In addition, the visitors also experience with the artisans to create products right in this space.

Let take a look at the colorful brocades at the Traditional Craft Festival with Thua Thien Hue Online:

The space of A Luoi Zeng weaving is full of the color of Thua Thien Hue western land

The performance of Mai Chau - Hoa Binh  brocade weaving artisans ...

.... makes many tourists excited

Raw material to weave raw silk textile is the tussore yarns from the cocoons ...

... The product is made entirely by hands of My Duc-Hanoi textile artisan

Miss Ngoc Han experiences taking silk yarns from lotus

Visitors buying brocade weaving products of Ninh Phuoc, Ninh Thuan

Brocade weaving products of K'ho, Chau Ma - Lam Dong join the Traditional Craft Festival for the first time

K 'ho and Chau Ma brocade products are colorful and beautiful

Visitors feel interested in souvenir products from the Lung Tam linen weaving village in Ha Giang

By L.Tho