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08/09/2017 - 08:35

Come on to Hue for a visit (Part 1) 

Hue is famous for its ancient architecture and gentle quiet atmosphere. That quiet is sometimes of no interest to young people like us, but is Hue really that boring?

Mentioning Hue, many young people might not hesitate to let out two words: "Very boring!". In fact, when you come to Hue, you can easily feel the incredible peace in the air, the landscape and the people. It is the serenity of the city that gives a sense of boredom to those who are conditioned to the hustle and bustle of modern life. However, that's because you have not felt enough the excitement that this "dreamland" offers.

In Hue, you can immerse yourself in the air of romantic, gentle and impressive architectural works associated with the thousands of years of Vietnamese history, and stay in not only beautiful but also cool homestays. Moreover, many people also swoon over a variety of delicious food in Hue, as well as coffee shops of all styles but not too complicated, just like as the nature of Hue people, who are always gentle, calm and extremely friendly.

Despite being peaceful, Hue is also interesting! Going alone, you can freely explore the city, and it will be more fun to go with many people. It is enough to make you eager! On the occasion of the opening of Here We Go 2017 contest, ask your friends and come to Hue right now!

I. General information

1. Means of transport:

From Hanoi: You can travel by road at the price of about 250,000 VND for one way ticket. If you go by plane, it will cost from 2-3 million VND for round-trip ticket, and going by train costs about 500,000 VND for one way with air-conditioned soft seat.

From Ho Chi Minh City: Normally, you will travel to Da Nang by plane with a fare of about 1.6 million VND/one way, then you can rent a motorbike to go to Hue in order to see Hai Van Pass at the price about 150,000 VND/day or 150,000 VND for one way by coach. Rail fare to Hue costs about 730,000 VND for one way with air-conditioned soft seat.

2. Hotel/homestay:

Average price from 200,000 – 500,000 VND/day, you should choose the area around Hung Vuong street, which is in the city center and convenient for  transportation.

3. Travel in the city: 

You can rent a motorbike for 100,000 – 150,000 VND per day or go by taxi to the tourist destinations.

4. Note:

- Hue has many royal tombs, pagodas, ... They are holy sanctuaries, so you should dress in proper attire.

- Some tourist attractions charge a fee.

- The food in Hue is quite inexpensive, ranging from 10,000 – 30,000 VND/dish

- The center of Hue city is quite small so you can look at the map and explore by yourself. Hue people are very friendly, and willing to show you the directions!

II. What to see?

1. Hue Imperial Citadel

To feel the most out of the ancient city, the first place you should visit is Hue Imperial Citadel. Hue Imperial Citadel was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage in 1993, which is considered as a symbolic image associated with the ancient capital. Hue Imperial Citadel is divided into 3 areas: the Citadel, the Imperial City and the Purple Forbidden City.

With their long-standing and unique architecture bearing the color of national history, you can admire and take very artful photos at Ngo Mon Gate, Thai Hoa Palace or Thai To Temple... Recently, Hue Imperial Citadel has allowed visitors night tours between 7 pm  and 10 pm, and this is the opportunity for you to have open-mouthed amazement at the splendid beauty, brilliant lights at night of this place!

Ticket price: 150.000 VND/tour

2. Tu Duc tomb

It is said that when you come to Hue, besides the Citadel, royal tombs and temples are a must to visit. Referring to tombs, many people usually think of a grave place, with cold and depressing impression. But you are wrong, the royal tombs in Hue are considered very special works, because each tomb has its own architectural style that reflects the personality of the deceased king.

(Photos: @ massabumi1; @nammon_krittanai; Nguyen Thanh Duy; @ phuong.anh.violet; @ rin.47)

Among the tombs of many kings, Tu Duc Tomb is the destination that most young people come to visit because of its romantic and peaceful ambience. Coming to this tomb, you will not believe in your eyes because this place is really as beautiful as a large park, with its architectural beauty blended harmoniously with the beauty of nature in a very "miraculous” way. Besides the ancient beauty like the Imperial Citadel, you will certainly feel more comfortable here because of green trees, hilly landscape, and a large cool lake.

Ticket price: 100,000 VND/tour

3. Thien Mu pagoda

Referring to the Thien Mu pagoda, it is the place that has been the source of many famous poems and songs. So, do not miss this pagoda if you want to get more inspiration!

Photos: @ Tyboovip1; @ nonnon21; @ kristen.syrett

From a distance, you easily recognize the Thien Mu pagoda by the lofty Phuoc Duyen tower, standing in the middle of the front yard as a symbol that everyone remembers when referring to this place. With the Huong river gently flowing in front of the pagoda, together with the echo of the temple bell, it is surely the ideal place for you to feel more serene and more peaceful before coming back to busy and eventful life. If you want to take some “so deep” photos, you just wait for the sunset, quietly sitting on the stairway on the bank of the Huong river, you will have a very nice photo!

Ticket price: Free of charge.

4. Thien An Hill - Thuy Tien Lake

If those architectural works are not interesting enough for you, then do not forget to visit Thien An hill near Thuy Tien lake, which is not only romantic but also extremely mysterious. Thien An hill is located in the south of Hue city, on the route to Khai Dinh tomb, and about 2 km from the T-junction near Lim Bridge. Thien An comes into sight with the green color of pine, leafy roofs and zigzag slopes. Needless to say, this is the place that you can check-in with many wonderful photos like in a "miniature" Dalat right in Hue city.

Different colors at Thuy Tien lake

Besides the hill is Thuy Tien lake, the water of which is from the fresh Huong river. Although the theme park has been temporarily suspended for a long time, the romantic and tranquil beauty of Thuy Tien Lake is undeniable. It’s the reason why many young people have explored by themselves its poetic and mysterious beauty.

5. Thuan An Beach

Away from Hue monumental and ancient buildings, you can enjoy the cool sea water at Thuan An Beach - one of the most popular beaches in Hue. Thuan An beach is 15 km to the east of Hue city, you will surely be surprised by its beauty which is both gentle and fierce.

The Thuan An beach is both gentle and fierce.

Here is a tip for you so that you can admire the beauty of Thuan An beach at its best. Come at dawn or sunset. Heaven, earth and sea blend with the sunshine, the whispering waves, all creating a beautiful scene as if  it is "seen only in film". And you will waste your trip if you do not take a picture of that beauty!

III. Where to stay?

1. Déjà Vu Homestay (Alley 3 / 191 Dien Bien Phu, Hue City)

In the romance of Hue, you also need a "dreaming" place to stay, is it right? Déjà Vu homestay is an ideal place for you to enjoy this dream in Hue. Located in a small alleyway on Dien Bien Phu Street, on the south bank of the Huong River, it is a lovely homestay with a classic style but still impressive with small, fresh and vibrant corners.

Peaceful space like home

Stepping into the cozy atmosphere of Déjà Vu, you will easily find the familiar feeling by the decoration with things that are both close and strange, unique such as small windows, wooden sofa or red brick walls. That's the way the little hostess of this homestay makes her dream come true.

With each smallest corner adorned by the hostess, Déjà Vu brings not only a sense of nostalgia but also an ambience of youthfulness, you will feel peace just like at home. Rooms are also varied with large family suites, multi-theme twin rooms such as Cozy, Shine, Grace and a dorm. The largest Love room suitable for a small family costs about 20 USD/night while other rooms cost about 8 USD/person.

2. Mosaic Garden Homestay (Alley 11, Thuy Van Commune, Huong Thuy Town, Hue City)

A modern and minimalist space blended with the old, in harmony with nature and the green patches, that is enough reason for you to note the name Mosaic Garden on the journey to explore Hue. Located about 3.5km from the center, Mosaic Garden is still receiving a lot of love from young people because of its simplicity and warmth.

Mosaic Garden is a great place for “posers”

Apart from a focus on creating a home atmosphere, Mosaic Garden also “scores points” in the hearts of visitors because of its friendliness and openness. The smiles, the hot meals of Hue cuisine and a small garden with a few beds of spinach, vegetables, calabashes leave everyone a sentimental attachment on parting.

Having studied interior design, Mr. Linh, the owner of the homestay, is very enthusiastic with each piece of furniture such as table, chair and old crockery in his house. Due to the simple but refined and strange design, some visitors joked: "It’s possible to take a hundred photos on each square meter here," so you should not miss this great place for "posers" like Mosaic Garden. Rooms are diverse and beautiful at a price of about 500,000 VND/night.


(To be continued...)