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08/02/2022 - 07:12

Come to Quoc Hoc to recruit good students

Among hundreds of students of Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted studying abroad from a very young age, many of them have grown up and returned to Vietnam, to Hue for work.

Students of Quoc Hoc quickly adapt to life in the U.S.

The brand name of Quoc Hoc

It was quite a surprise during my conversation with Mr. Nguyen Phu Tho - Principal of Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted that about 30 to 50 students of this school receive scholarships every year to study abroad.

As we know, this is not difficult for students of specialized schools, but interestingly, educators from renowned high schools and universities around the world have come to Quoc Hoc to recruit potential students, offering full scholarships of billions of VND in total. Even students with less fortunate background still have many opportunities to attend prestigious schools.

The principal of this school revealed that during the enrollment season, prestigious schools from Japan, the US, Canada, European countries... where Quoc Hoc students have attended, return here to recruit students.

Three years ago, the Russian Cultural Association in Vietnam came to Quoc Hoc looking for students to enroll in various in-demand majors, such as Automation, Cyber Security, Agricultural Technology… That year, out of 15 scholarship slots for students from the Central region who are passionate about Physics, Math and IT, Quoc Hoc students accounted for 6. Many of them achieved high scores, reaching top spots in the region.

Parents of the chosen scholarship students were assured that their children’s tuition would be fully supported by the Russian schools. At that time, a member of the placement test committee praised and reassured that the previous students of Quoc Hoc had studied very well and devoted themselves to social activities, so that newly admitted student can prepare for their trip without worry.

“Fascinated” by Quoc Hoc students, many high schools from other countries have agreed to support in long-term training. In 2019, Quoc Hoc signed a cooperation agreement with Hennri - IV High School (France).

The school offers a 2-year pre-university program before entering prestigious universities in France. According to the school's website, more than 5,000 students in different countries register for the entrance exam each year, hoping for a spot among the school’s quota of only 30 students.

The fact that the Principal of Hennri - IV High School signed an agreement and provided Quoc Hoc with two scholarships each year confirms the reputation of Quoc Hoc High School for the Gifted. Furthermore, within the scope of the agreement, the two schools will be carrying out joint projects in the field of digital and new technologies; exchanging teachers or managers to participate in training, workshops... With that advantage, Quoc Hoc students have a greater goal of striving if they want to own a scholarship in the hexagonal-shaped country.

Back to the topic of more than 1 class going abroad to study each year, Mr. Tho explained that the students start studying abroad at grade 11, 12 or just after the high school graduation exam through various means, in which the school introduces about 20 students, the rest finds and applies for scholarships on their own. Many of them are able to obtain full scholarship, or at least 70% of it in countries with higher costs.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship, other than meeting the criteria of IELTS 7.0, with academic results of above 8.5 and regularly participating in social activities, students must also display their distinct personality and skills in interviews.

Bringing fame to the students of Hue

Taking pride of his students, Mr. Tho affirmed that they have created a brand name for Quốc Học of Hue. Many students were able to enter top high schools and universities around the world.

He could not hide his happiness upon showing off the remarkable achievements of his own student, Ho Xuan Thao Nguyen. Decided to study abroad quite late compared to her peers by the end of the 11th grade year, Thao Nguyen only had 5 months to prepare her application.

She was offered scholarships from 9 U.S universities out of 11 that she had applied to. After consideration, Thao Nguyen chose Dickinson University and received a scholarship of more than 4.3 billion VND for 4 years.

“When I learned about the American liberal education system that allows students to experience courses in different majors to find their passion, I was determined to do in depth research on studying in the US and started applying,” Thao Nguyen said.

At such a young age, Quoc Hoc students have already had many beautiful years filled with wonders and experience in a land far away from home.

Sharing his journey to study abroad, Truong Viet Cuong, a former student of Quoc Hoc said: “I started studying abroad in 2013, having just finished the 11th grade at Quoc Hoc. In the U.S, I continued studying to get a high school diploma and received an Academic Scholarship from Highline College in Washington state.”

“This is a very ethnically and culturally diverse school. There, I had a relatively favorable learning process with high scores, as well as experience as a teaching assistant and a tutor in Mathematics for Economics classes of the school.”

I received a full scholarship from Delta State University in Mississippi in 2016, a state school in the region, and completed my bachelor's degree in Marketing. My time studying abroad was relatively comfortable as the program was more practical and less heavy on theory.

I was quite surprised upon hearing that in foreign land, Hue students had overcome their usual timidity and shyness as they actively participated in volunteering at summer camps and had the opportunity to meet other intelligent and dynamic people, and hone their English skills in conversing with other volunteers. Many of them like to travel to another city in the U.S, or even to another country to enrich their international experience.

Among hundreds of Quoc Hoc students studying abroad at a very young age, many of them have grown and returned to Vietnam, to Hue for work, as Truong Viet Cuong said, “after 6 years of studying and working in America, I want to return to Vietnam to find opportunities for myself.”

Story: Hue Thu. Photos provided by Quoc Hoc High school for the Gifted