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08/08/2018 - 07:56

Coming to Hue for summer camps

The summer 2018 is the third year that VinsLink English Center (Ha Noi) took their learners to Hue to participate in summer camps.

Summer is the time that many parents let their children experience as farmers, discover the nature and learn about culture, history, etc. This is the new demand that Hue has many conditions to develop.

In the summer of 2018, many junior tourists come to the house of Mr. Ho Xuan Dai to learn about culture

Choosing Hue

The summer 2018 is the third year that VinsLink English Center (Ha Noi) took their learners to Hue to participate in summer camps. During 10 days in Hue, over 100 students of the center (from 7 to 14 years old) took part in community - based activities such as: planting tree, clearing An Cuu riversides as well as experiencing and exercising soft skills such as: painting, making kites, making Thanh Tien paper flowers, climbing and visiting revolutionary historical relics, etc.

Mrs. Pham Van Khanh, Director of VinsLink English Center shared that the center chose Hue instead of other places because of the peaceful pace of Hue, which was not as noisy as other cities, so the trainees would have time to carefully “contemplate” the life. Besides, Hue conserved many heritages, historical relics, traditional handicraft villages which could help the learners enlarge their knowledge about the history and understand more about the traditional culture of Hue in particular and Vietnam in general.

After the summer camps, the effect gained is very high, as cited from the appreciation of VinsLink Center. The trainees have been self-controlled in all activities and known how to take care of themselves or share and care for each other. The summer camps have trained the living skills for the learners to respond to negative influences from the outside.

Hue is the leading tourist destination and the large number of tourists is an opportunity for the trainees to interact with foreigners, thereby improving their English listening and speaking skills. Another success of the trip is that the trainees’ health has been improved. Because half of the time for moving is by bicycles, thus helping the trainees raise their awareness about environment protection when riding bikes along the shady streets of Hue.

After the trip, VinsLink Center shared photos about a blend of learning and playing on social network and the system of English centers. That was the reason why there were many new customers booking summer camp tours with the Center.

The newest customers were a group of trainees from Quang Tri coming to Hue. They were very excited to play ‘Bai Choi’ at ‘Cau Ngoi Thanh Toan’, learn cooking and join in sports games. After the trip, both the lecturers and the trainees promised to come back to Hue next summer.


In Hue, there exist more and more places specializing in serving the “little” tourists. At Lotus education farm (Loc Hoa, Phu Loc), catching the demand of parents and education centers, the farm has held many activities such as: “junior soldiers” skill summer camp, junior agricultural engineers, ‘butter’-fragrant kitchen corner, skillful little farmers, etc.

The representative of the farm shared that coming to the farm, the children could stay overnight to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere; enlarge their knowledge about surrounding nature, discover the nature and train the teamwork skills, mobility skills and collective solidarity. Furthermore, they also had opportunities to cultivate and take care of the vegetables, catch fishes, feed the cow and goats by themselves, etc., the things which they had never done before.

This summer, Mr. Ho Xuan Dai’s house (Thuy Bieu, Hue City) has welcomed many special tourist delegations. The children came here to learn about the culture, go sightseeing and learn more about ancient houses. They also experienced making sesame candies and going on traveling. According to Mr. Dai, he was so happy when the youngsters came to find out about traditional culture. Although he would have to welcome more and more delegations, he would be willing to do that as long as it could help build up a knowledge foundation for the children and make them love traditional culture.

According to the leader of Tourism Department, the trend of going on summer camps of students has been established for a long time but taking the form of summer camp tours is a new trend which Hue has many conditions to develop. Although the cost of the summer camps maybe cheaper than the traditional tours, the camping time usually lasts from 10 to 15 days, so the revenue is quite big. This is the new product that the department will guide and encourage the enterprises to develop in the coming time. The department will also coordinate in promoting with enterprises to get more attention of tourists. 

Story, photo: Duc Quang