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14/05/2021 - 09:18

Compiling a dossier on the Nine Dynastic Urns for UNESCO’s World Documentary Heritage

Hue Monuments Conservation Center announced that they were compiling a dossier to UNESCO to enlist the Nine Dynastic Urns as world documentary heritage.

The Nine Dynastic Urns. Photo: Minh Hien

The Nine Dynastic Urns comprises nine bronze urns, ordered cast by Emperor Minh Mang in 1835. Over 200 years, all the Nine Urns still remain intact. The relic was not only made to glorify the Nguyen Kings, demonstrating the power of the Nguyen dynasty, but also served as a geographic encyclopedia of Vietnam early in the 19th century with over 162 carved patterns exquisitely embossed on their surface.

The Nine Dynastic Urns was recognized as a national treasure in 2012.

By Hue News