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01/10/2021 - 16:19

Composing 186 new works on COVID-19 prevention

On the afternoon of September 30, the Vietnam Union of Literature and Arts Associations held a closing ceremony for of the literary and artistic creation camp on COVID-19 pandemic prevention in 2021.

Introducing new works on COVID-19 pandemic prevention

Taking place from August 16 to 22, the creation camp received the participation of 17 artists and writers from specialized associations: literature, music, and photography. The artists and writers had carried out the fact-finding trip to know more about the challenge battle against the pandemic in the provincial area.

After over a 1-week long field trip and a month of doing artistic work, the artists and writers composed 186 new works, including 18 songs, 52 works of poetry, and 116 pictures on the work of COVID-19 prevention and control. Besides that, there were also the works expressing production and daily life of local people before the impact of the pandemic.

Many works closely follow the reality, acknowledge people’s compassionate hearts during the time when the whole country joins hands to fight the pandemic; being grateful for the effort and sacrifices of doctors, nurses, and frontline forces; at the same time, calling for upholding the sense of responsibility, complying with the State’s regulations, contributing to making trust to repel the pandemic.

By Trang Hien