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16/11/2018 - 07:22

Cồn Hến (Mussel Islet) 

Cồn Hến (Mussel Islet) is a small islet raised by the silt in the middle of the Perfume River. The islet divides the Perfume River flowing through this section into two tributaries. The eastern tributary flows through Vy Da ward, and the western one flows through Phu Cat, Phu Hiep wards.

In the past, two drainage ditches in the middle of the islet gradually dried because of the raising of the Perfume River’s silt so Cồn Hến was called as “the land of dry islet”

The occupation of mussel raking comes from here and the speciality attached to this place is “Cơm Hến” (mussel rice)

Cồn Hến with the view from above

The panoramic view of Cồn Hến with the viewpoint from Dinh market bridge

The only bridge that leads to the islet

The peaceful scene

The pier where the boats transport to and fro to Dong Ba market

Mussel raking is the main occupation here

The process of cooking and collect the mussels

Cơm hến (mussel rice) is the speciality of this place

The 8.000 VND bowl of mussel rice is full of many flavors of vegetable, spiced pork cracklings and especially mussels

By Trung Phan