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21/07/2019 - 08:04

Hue Hip-hop Festival – URBAN JAM 2019

Connect the passion

On the 20th and 21st of July, Hue city will host a hip-hop festival which has been attracting many international artists and avid dancers to partake in. The festival is not only a hip-hop competition, but also the golden opportunities for Hue tourism to promote its dynamic images widely to domestic and foreign tourists.

Urban Jam was included in the program of Hue Festival 2016

International Festival

Urban JAM tournament, organized by Vietnam Urban Hip-hop Community, has been introduced across the three regions of Vietnam: North, Central, and South. Urban JAM has become a name among the young hip-hop enthusiasts not only in Vietnam but also in the Southeast Asia.

According to the leader of Tourism Department (the organizer of Hue Hip-hop Festival - Urban Jam 2019), Hue has long been famous for its quiet and tranquil beauty; however, for a more developing tourism, there must be novel, highly entertaining, and exciting festivities which can meet the diverse requirements of the tourists coming to Hue.

Hue Hip-hop Festival - Urban Jam 2019 has the participation of the renowned dance crews from China, Malaysia, Japan, Laos, etc., and the well-known dance groups of Vietnam such as Viet Max, MT Pop, Small River, MC Buck, etc. Also, the world-famous DJs like BOLO (Singapore), DJ 2T (Vietnam) will also join in playing the music to boost the delight and excitement for the festival.

The festival is the precious opportunity for young hip-hop aficionados in Hue to meet, exchange and indulge in the competitive performances of more than 500 contestants. Besides the hip-hop competitions, the audiences can also feast their eyes on the graffiti drawings on which the outstanding images and characteristics of Hue will be drawn.

In the framework of the festival, with the aim to connect visitors and youngsters coming to the festival, the organizers will also host some other festivities such as skateboarding or DJ performing and teaching.

Mr. Le Huu Minh, Acting Director of the Tourism Department, said that by hosting this event, the organizers would like to not only strongly affirm the appellation of Hue - the Festival City of Vietnam, but also build up the image of Hue - the capital of festival, in the hope of changing the cultural brand into a tourism one which becomes a must-see destination for tourists.

In addition, the purpose of the festival is to diversify the recreational activities for visitors during their experience in Hue. Also, this is a chance for Hue to introduce the featured festivals, innovative travel experiences, diversify local tourism products, and keep the tourists staying longer with the ancient land.

Create travel events

Hip-hop, the art that draw the attention of young people, thrives all over the world including Northern and Southern area of Vietnam. Nevertheless, this kind of art has not developed in Hue yet. Hence, through this organization, Hue tourism industry also set a goal to create a healthy playground for the young hip-hop lovers in Hue.

Nguyen Chi Hieu, a young hip-hop enthusiast, said that about 10 years ago, hip-hop was played by many people; however, the trend was faded in a short time. The youngsters in Hue are waiting for the hip-hop festival to take place. Hopefully, after this event, the hip-hop movement in Hue will be revived and will help more people have a better understanding of this healthy art.

In 2016, Urban Jam was included in the program of Hue Festival 2016. At that time, Urban Jam attracted more than 50 dance groups and 500 contestants to participate in the competition. Numerous international visitors came and participated in this event, making it all the rage and creating a great resonance. After the event, Urban Jam was highly praised by the French Embassy (coordinating organizer) and the Hue Festival Organizing Committee.

Mr. Le Huu Minh said that the tourism industry will strive to promote the name and position of Hue - the Festival city of Vietnam. Therefore, they will focus on organizing Hue Hip-hop Festival - Urban Jam 2019 with professional and high-quality content, aiming at designing a program that takes place annually and becomes a must-join festivity. This will definitely strengthen the bond between tourists, art lovers and Hue locals.

Specific schedule of the Hue Hip-hop Festival - Urban Jam 2019:


20th July: The elimination round and quarter-finals of Hip Hop 1vs1 and Popping 1vs1.

21st July: The elimination round and quarter-finals of Breaking 4vs4 and Street-dance Team Battle

Later, the semi-finals and finals of all categories will be organized.

Venue: At the Park 3/2, Hue city.

Story and photo: Duc Quang