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21/06/2019 - 07:30

Connecting clean products

For more than one year, Hue City Women's Union (HCWU) has served as a connection bridge to introduce the production of clean, safe products and traditional products of the members to businesses and has achieved the positive results.

Ms. Xuan's vegetable garden is invested to become an experience tourist destination


Nearly 2,000m2 of garden land of Ms. Truong Thi Xuan, a member of Thuy Xuan Ward Women's Union, was supported by Hue Viet Organic One Member Company Ltd in investment in producing organic products and in purchase of all products at higher prices than the market.

Recently, the couple’s organic vegetable garden continues to be invested by the company to turn into an experience tourist destination, attracting many tour groups, especially pupils. According to Ms. Xuan, this result is attributed to the connection introduction from HCWU with businesses.

Previously, Ms. Xuan couple planted vegetables according to safe methods such as digging wells to get water for irrigation, building biogas pits to compost pig manure and digging holes to bury plants and organic waste in production to make fertilizers. However, this approach remains spontaneous without specific standards and even unstable in product output...

Early in 2018, when HCWU launched a model of association group to introduce and consume clean agricultural products, Ms. Xuan's vegetable garden was connected with Hue Viet Organic One Member Company, Ltd and met the company's standards to receive investment support in organic production.

Mr. Hoang Van Sy, a Vietnamese organic farm engineer, said: “Thanks to not using chemical fertilizers and pesticides in the production process, the nutrition content in the land area of ​​Ms. Xuan's family is less eroded, so it is easier to support investment in producing organic agricultural products.”

Since the association with Hue Viet Organic One Member Company Ltd, Ms. Xuan couple has been technically supported in accordance with the process of producing organic products. At present, on average per day, Ms Xuan's vegetable garden sells the company 30 to 40 kg of vegetables, tubers and fruits, generating a stable income of VND 300 to 400 thousand, excluding the income from experience sightseeing tour service

Also through the connection bridge of HCWU, many clean products, organic products and traditional products of Hue women have more new consumption channels.

Ms. Mai Thi Thuy Lien, the owner of the traditional bakery facility in Kim Long, said: “More than 20 years since its launch, my bakery products are mainly consumed at Dong Ba Market and bought by a number of locals. However, recently, through the HCWU connection, the bakery products of our facility have been present in many parties and received a long-term order from a food business.”

When connected by HCWU for product introduction, Ms. Ha Thi Thao in Huong So Ward decided to invest in vacuum machine to preserve her bakery products to serve customers.

The vegetable garden becomes an attraction for students

Continuing to be a companion

According to Ms. Duong Thi Thu Thuy, Chairman of HCWU, in order to support the women in producing clean and safe products, the Union  has established an association group to introduce clean, safe products and traditional products created by Hue women to shops, organizations, enterprises manufacturing and consuming organic agricultural products ....Additionally, the Association jointly organizes the introduction and exchange activities to raise the people's awareness of the use of clean products and organic products

The Union is facing the difficulties such as no connection with many businesses, the members’ products and models not satisfying the requirements of businesses ..., However, in order to encourage the officials and members to shift production model towards safe food to supply the market, the Union continues to associate, connect to provide technical training in  producing organic products, clean products ensuring safety and being inspected and supervised by the functional bodies on vegetables, tubers, fruits, livestock and poultry for more members.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue, Director of Hue Viet Organic One Member Company Ltd, said: “HCWU’s approach is creating a driving force for the production of clean and safe products of vegetables, tubers and fruits among women; encouraging women to have confidence and motivation when participating in production, and to ensure food safety and hygiene associated with environmental protection. When HCWU introduces the link with a certain model, we will directly check the reality. If the unit meets the requirements for producing organic products, the company will support additional investment. Ms. Xuan's model is an example. ”

Story and photos: Hai Thuan