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16/04/2019 - 08:05

Provincial Development Research Institute:

Connecting government with businesses and communities

Although newly founded and in the process of perfection in terms of mechanism, personnel, facilities..., the Provincial Development Research Institute has been and will be the focal organization connecting government with businesses, people and communities, thereby proposing and counseling appropriate solutions as well as planning the programs for Hue to develop more.

Those were shared by Dr Cung Trong Cuong, Director of the Provincial Development Research Institute (Institute for short) on the functions, tasks and targets of the Institute.

Dr Cung Trong Cuong, Director of the Provincial Development Research Institute. Photo: HUU PHUC

Dr Cung Trong Cuong added that for a long time, almost all of the connections between government, people and businesses have not really produced the desired results. There is still the situation where people and businesses are afraid to say the problems of government, officials, and civil servants or the time when they need to offer suggestions, exchange or criticize, there is no online forum.

If they want to talk, they may have to await conferences, meetings .…and at that time, sometimes they do not want to talk any more, leading to conflicts (if any) that are not resolved in time. That makes the government-business or the government-people relations not really close and open. Therefore, the establishment of the Institute is partly aimed to overcome these shortcomings.

Moreover, the connections between departments, agencies of the province have almost not been smooth. When there is an issue that needs consulting, the province assigns the relevant professional department and consults with other agencies, so the completion time may be prolonged and the effectiveness is not high.

More specifically, there is no intermediary agency acting as a focal point for connecting agencies, localities and departments with the province to solve issues more favorably, so the establishment of the Institute is aimed to satisfy those requirements.

In addition to the connecting role, how are counseling and proposing the solutions implemented by the Institute, Dr?

Apart from the connecting role, we are also the body of counseling, proposing solutions to implement major programs and plans of the province. Of course, for lack of personnel and in the process of completion, it is difficult to perform this role well.

However, we are accompanied by and  get good support from the experts in all fields from transportation to planning, tourism, services, green trees, economics... And when needing to get advice from any field, we receive active support from experts. Currently, we have 15-20 top experts in the fields and the support from many agencies inside and outside the province, universities, foreign organizations...

Can you speak more specifically about the solutions proposed by the Institute to implement the programs and plans of the province, Dr?

After the province developed the program, the idea of ​​" Four- Flower-Season City", we invited and together with experts on green trees, planning ... to study and propose solutions to implement , for example which season to plant flowers, where  to plant, how to care for. We are currently completing the report and will submit it to the Provincial People's Committee in a few days.

However, it is almost certain that we will work with experts to propose a green solution for growing flowers, using organic waste to produce fertilizer for flowers instead of chemical fertilizer that will damage the environment, water resources -that is, turning the discarded into the effectively usable things.

Or the forums like "Bicycle and green transport for Hue City", “Hue - the City of creativity-technology-art” created by us also received many opinions including opposing opinions, criticism ... And all opinions were recorded, gathered to report to the Provincial People's Committee

How about the "Challenge to clean up garbage” trend?

This trend is not new in many countries around the world. In Vietnam, although there have been the volunteer campaigns to clean up garbage held by mass organizations, they have not become a trend. When implementing this idea, we met and consulted with the provincial leaders. In less than half an hour, upon listening to our plan, the provincial leaders agreed and instructed us more how to organize and implement.

One day after posting the "Challenge to clean up garbage" on social networks, we received the participation and sharing of many volunteers.Three days later, this trend became highly popular on Facebook drawing the positive response from the people in rural areas, cities, businesses, agencies, provincial leaders...

After our launch, the Union’s Central Committee also launched the movement, and "Challenge to clean up garbage" is spreading to many other provinces and cities in Vietnam, becoming a civilized "hot trend" on social networks.

With the larger plans such as the key economic development program, what suggestions does the Institute have to promote the "smoke-free industry" when we have so many advantages?

I deem that in order to develop more, the tourism and service industry of Hue only needs the management change and better destination organization without any additional investment. I am talking about the present; as for the future, there is a need to have deserving institutions, works.

Changing management, as I have just mentioned, needs to be understood and start from building the story for the destination. At any destination, there should be the interesting stories associated with the relic and destination to attract visitors. Obviously, we are weak in this aspect.

I take an example of Thien Mu Pagoda, which can be considered a unique destination in Vietnam, but for a long time, the exploitation way has been to take visitors to this destination by car and take some souvenir photos. If you change by letting the visitors walk a moderate distance, queue up to get in for sightseeing and listening to interesting stories, it is probable that this destination will attract more visitors.

I am also interested in building a safe and friendly environment around the relics so that visitors can be assured of entertainment, enjoyment, shopping ... without worry.

Also, what additional conditions does Hue need to attract visitors and avoid boredom?

I think that the change in Hue cannot be judged only by the new construction works or projects. Of course, they are also the preconditions for Hue to have more highlights. However, if we know how to change management way and build the stories for destinations, this will be the critical factor in magnetizing visitors to Hue

For example, when building the "Four-Flower-Season City", there are also the stories about flowers and Hue nón ( Hue’s palm-leaf conical hats). When building the "Four-Flower-Season City", we should plant hoàng mai (apricot flowers), hoa gạo(rice flowers), ngô đồng ( wootung trees)…in suitable places. Once the image is promoted, visitors will have an excuse to go to Hue for new sightseeing points.  And if there are more new points, Hue will keep visitors staying longer.

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