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27/09/2018 - 08:19

E-commerce transaction:

Connecting “output” on online environment

In order to impulse the online business promoting activity (wholesale, retail), the Department of Industry and Trade sets up e-commerce transaction which connects the buyers and the sellers at all time, everywhere.

Joining the e-commerce transaction, the local products have many opportunities to promote and expand consumption markets

Catching the development trends

Although being newly launched, the Thua Thien Hue e-commerce transaction with the web address: has attracted many local business enterprises. Accessing to this website, the customers can see the list of all products easily including handicrafts - gifts, agriculture - forestry - fishery products, textiles - fashion products and accessories, services, interior and exterior furniture, etc. which are enclosed with the name of units, business enterprises for each specific goods industry.   

The founding of website will be a link to promote commerce on the online environment

According to Mrs. Vo Thi Thu Thuy, Director of Big C Hue supermarket, there is no reason for the supermarket not to register to the transaction because its largest beneficiaries are enterprises. Participating in the transaction, the new customers and tourists will know more about Big C supermarket and the number of online customers will absolutely increase.

The representatives of some other enterprises in provincial area also advocate for the founding of e-commerce transaction facing the trend of trade development and integration. Maybe the business activities will not take place lively on the transaction. However, through it, registered enterprises will have chances to introduce and promote their products, as well as to expand sales channels and enlarge agencies.

The e-commerce transaction is built follow the B2B2C model (business-to-business-to-consumer, namely, enterprises to enterprises to consumers). The mission of is to connect the merchandise business to 35 million internet users in Vietnam, over 8.000 local enterprises, domestic and foreign enterprises and over 100.000 local retail business households.

Apart from the main purposes of commercial advertisement and transaction, this website also posts political news, legal documents which are relevant to local, domestic and international commerce activities. This is also the channel which management agency uses to conveniently propagandize legal policies, direct and encourage the enterprises to take an active part in commercial promotion in order to advertise and introduce the name of units, as well as to bring the products to domestic and international markets.

Paving the way for advertising and trading

Taking part in the e-commerce transaction, the enterprises and business establishments are provided with the comprehensive e-commerce solutions including the tools to take products to online environment, online promotion tools, online marketing tools and the consultancy from e-commerce experts. The enterprises are accessed to a large number of customers on e-commerce transaction.

For consumers, e-commerce transaction supports the convenient shopping due to the diversified products and the updated promotion programs from retailers. Furthermore, the consumers will not be worried about the risk of selling-buying in the “indistinct form” and being cheated like many other online shopping circumstances. Thank to this transaction, the consumers can give their feedbacks which are relevant to the products in the “products review” box under each product posted by the sellers.

The shop owners and management board (Department of Industry and Trade) are responsible for recording and replying consumers’ feedbacks. In case of complaints, the customers can directly contact the enterprises at the addresses registered on the transaction or at the addresses, phone number or emails posted on the homepage of the transaction. The mission of management board and enterprises is to solve customers’ complaints follow to the substantive law.

According to Mr. Nguyen Thanh, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, e-commerce transaction is similar to traditional market. However, it is based on applying some online management tools in the form of online business. Through e-commerce transaction, the situations of tax evasion, e-commercial fraud, which are known as vague business, will be overcome. In the early stages, the Department of Industry and Trade focuses on the enterprises producing agricultural products, specialities, handicrafts, traditional products of Hue; and at the same time, gives priority to the branded enterprises which have the foundation of IT application.

With this transaction, the management unit wishes that the enterprises - the main beneficiaries enlarge the market and get the chance to achieve great revenues.

With the goal of becoming the place supporting for retail enterprises, at the same time providing an ideal shopping channel for the consumers, e-commerce transaction will be an ideal, quick, safe, time saving and effective business point for the enterprises, the business establishments and the consumers. Initially, the transaction is managed by the state agency (Department of Industry and Trade) and the enterprise will register free of charge. After 1 to 2 years, the transaction will be handed over to enterprises to manage when the transaction operates stably.

Story, photos: Hoai Thuong