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20/10/2021 - 09:05

Contemplating Hue from Vincom Plaza

The first time I went up to the top floor of the Vincom Plaza Tower for coffee with friends and aerial view of Hue, I thought of Vong Hai Dai (marine observatory) in Bach Ma National Park and Vong Canh Hill.

Vincom Plaza, Hue

Located at the peak of Bach Ma, at an altitude of 1,430 meters, Vong Hai Dai enables us to view towards the grandiose scenery of the mountain covering Lang Co beach, Canh Duong beach, Hai Van Pass, Mount Tuy Van and Cau Hai lagoon.

It is interesting that we can feel the natural freshness of the mountain and the salty wind of the sea in Vong Hai Dai. Unfortunately, it is too far to view the city of Hue.

Vong Canh Hill, which is about 43 meters high, is located in the southwest of Hue city at the graceful bend of the Huong River. This used to be a royal stop for sightseeing of the Nguyen emperors. Looking down from Vong Canh Hill, the Huong River is magnificent at sunrise and at sunset, bringing the romantic feeling to those who has ever been here.

From Vong Canh Hill, one can see gardens being green and fresh and the hills surrounding; the city afar is overwhelmed in lights and the sea is looming.

Vincom Plaza, on the contrary, is at the heart of the city. My first impression on arrival at the 39th floor was that I was on the roof of Hue. Every corner of Hue is seen from here, lovely and distinctive.

In a fair distance are hills and mountains in the west, suggesting an ancient-style miniature of Dalat. In a closer distance are rice fields, each of which is associated with a village named in the history of national expansion. The sea is also in sight from here.

Viewing Hue from the height of 160 meters

The Huong River, the Citadel, the new urban areas and the streets are all within the sight if seen from the Vincom Plaza, Hue. Viewed from the height of 160 meters of the highest building in the city center, the plainly visible Huong River is gracefully winding as if it is embracing the whole city.

Whereas the Huong River seen from Vong Canh Hill is presented as the majestic beauty Tuan junction flowing  southward to join the busy city, it is viewed as the blue clear water embracing the Imperials together with the gentle nostalgic beauty Sinh junction parting into branches if seen from Vincom Plaza. It is true that our ancestor call this area “the city of Huong River”.

The most impressive place from Vincom Plaza view is not the Citadel or the familiar streets, but it is the Hen islet when the city is covered with the sunlight. It is a village in the romantic Huong River, and surprisingly, it remains the folk tradition of a village.

Staying late at the peak of Vincom Plaza in an afternoon, my friends and I were trying to develop many blueprints for Hen islet: a tourist resort, a skyscraper or an attractive monument like the US Statue of Liberty? There are so many ideas applicable.

Many people say that they do not like the Vincom Plaza Hue as it looks like a nail pinned at the heart of the city. I think differently. Its presence is like an urban highlight in Hue. It is not so high, but it is like a lighthouse for people from all sides to Hue and enjoy Hue. You should try to reach the top floor of Vincom Plaza once to have a panorama of Hue.

Story and photo: Dan Duy