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18/07/2020 - 12:23

Contemporary Hue dance is flourishing

Contemporary Hue dance has really been flourishing at least in the past 5 years now. At Hue Festival 2018, the show "Civilization of the Imperial Capital,” performed at Hue Imperial City, really surprised the public for its beauty. It is just one sign of the development of contemporary Hue dance.

 “Enlightenment” choreographed by Duong Khanh Hiep 

Hue dance is now of better quality

“Civilization of the Imperial Capital” (by Hue Monuments Conservation Center) recounted the historical events to highlight the world cultural heritage recognized by UNESCO with 3 chapters. Each chapter had many scenes about various themes and contents. It was really a feast of music and dance which was elaborately choreographed and well performed on a splendid and dreamy stage. It really excited thousands of audiences far and near.

In recent years, Hue dance has been well known for not only “Civilization of Imperial Capital” but also for many others. As the Chairman of the board of judges for the 6th Co Do Culture and Literature Awards at the end of 2019, People's Artist Ha The Dung and other judges were so surprised to see Hue dance had grown so fast beyond imagination. 

“The works are diverse in genre and dancing language. The choreographers worked very hard. Most of the works were group dances; there were fewer small-group dances, but they were very creative. It was a combination of folk dance, traditional dance, European classical dance, and modern dance,” said People's Teacher Nguyen Kim Dung with astonishment.

“Heart” choreographed by Nguyen Ha Tam Thuan

“Fate" and "Legend of Tam Giang Lagoon" were considered the best. In “Fate”, the choreographer Phan Hoang built a very poetic stage and made a perfect combination of dancing, performing, screens, sounds and light, creating a vivid picture about man’s aspirations in modern times.

Explicit dance scenes impressed the audience. Especially it was the combination of typical traditional dance and modern dance. The performance was a breakthrough with many dimensions: width, length, depth and height. The story that the choreographer wanted to tell really moved the audience.

“Love” choreographed by Tran Ly Ly

“Legend of Tam Giang Lagoon” was a team dance about specialities of a land that had entered poetry and literature. Many layers of stage created a large and deep space and depicted the everyday and spiritual life of the people. Team dances intertwined with single dances and pair dances, leading the audience to a descriptive story with some stuff of fiction by the choreographer. 

Mature dancers

“Hue dance has never developed as well as now. Dancing appears at almost all festivals and on traditional days of villages and agencies. That is a good sign for a land rich in history and culture,” said Excellent Artist Cao Chi Hai, Deputy Director of the Department of Culture and Sports and Head of the Vietnam Dancers’ Association in Hue.

Dancers have participated in many Hue Festivals, Hue Culture Week in Hanoi, Ha Long, Hoi An, Quang Nam, Da Nang, Binh Dinh, Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. 

Hue dance helps promote tourism and main festivals every year such as “Thuan An Beach Calls,” “Tam Giang Waves,” “Beautiful Lang Co Bay.” Hue dance also appears in foreign exchange programs with many countries around the world such as France, the USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Korea, Laos, Thailand and Japan.

Gladly, there is now a team of mature choreographers who have made many remarkable works. Excellent Artist Cao Chi Hai has implemented a research about "Dances in Azakoonh Festival" of the Ta Oi ethnic group. He also directed many dancing shows at regional and national festivals, and many provincial art programs on special holidays.

People's Artist Bach Hac is currently the Chairman of the Vietnam Dancers’ Association who has directed many large-scale festivals such as "Royal Story”, “Four Seasons of Love", "Civilization of the Imperial Capital.” Le Thi Dieu Hy choreographed many folk dance works; especially she exploited royal dances and skillfully included them in contemporary dances, enriching Hue dance.

Mai Trung is a well-known choreographer. He choreographed dances for festivals such as “Civilization of the Imperial Capital,” “Buon Me Thuot Coffee Festival.” Mai Trung and Dieu Hy choreographed dances for the opening shows of “Binh Dinh Traditional Martial Art Festival” and “Da Nang Fireworks.”

The choreographers Anh Hong, Thu Hoai, Quang Sang, Bach Mai, Phan Tuan, Hong Nham, Khanh Hiep, etc., won many gold and silver medals at both professional and amateur national contests. They were also awarded by the Vietnam Dancers’ Association and the Union of Provincial Culture and Art Associations.

Hue Festival serves as a meeting place for many dance shows which together make up a great collection of dances both ancient and modern from all around the world. Hue is thus considered the center for dancing of the 21st century. In such an art space, the fact that Hue dancers are rapidly becoming mature is a good signal.

Story: Ngoc Thanh

Photos supplied by Vietnam Dancers’ Association