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19/04/2022 - 16:25

Cooperating in training experts in culture and arts

On the afternoon of April 18, Hue Monuments Conservation Center had a working session with the Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange in Vietnam (Japan Foundation in Vietnam), led by Mr. Ando Toshiko, director of the center.

At the working session, the two centers had the discussion on their cooperation process in recent times, as well as orientations to new cooperation programs in the coming time.

In recent times, the two centers have cooperated in the fields of culture and arts. In early 2022, they jointly attended a virtual seminar on the topic of "Sustainable development in tourism" with Shuri City (Okinawa, Japan); as well as a virtual seminar in Asia and Okinawa on the traditional performing art, which was participated by a number of countries, such as: Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and India.

The two centers have also determined that closer cooperation relationships are necessary in the coming time, including the organization of scientific seminars, the coordination of exchanging and training experts in the fields of culture, arts, and landscapes, etc.

By Minh Hien