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01/01/2020 - 21:52

Cooperating to carry out cultural activities

It is the joint goal that the Vietnam National Institute of Culture and Arts Studies in Hue and the Provincial Development Research Institute aimed for the cooperation program signed on December 31.

The two units signing the cooperation program

Accordingly, the two units will work together in doing research and consulting in various professional fields, as well as implementing scientific and technological topics; inviting experts and scientists from the two units to participate in the research and training programs and carrying out the scientific and technological missions, as well as implementing the related topics and projects. Furthermore, they also cooperate in implementing the program for exchanging experts and researchers or trainees to carry out the missions and projects.

Besides, the two sides also reached an agreement in using facilities, research data and results to serve the community and social purposes; in which giving priority in using the scientific and technological results, as well as the products, publications, magazines, and other related activities.

Story and photo: P.T