Culture Festival

02/05/2018 - 09:41

“Crater No. 6899” performed at Hue Festival 2018

On April 28 and 30 nights, a large audience gathered at Nguyen Van Troi park (Dinh Tien Hoang street, Hue city) to enjoy a spectacular performance by the Wallonie-Brussels Delegation (Belgium) in Vietnam.

Artist Gwendoline Robin is sprinkling materials symbolizing the galaxy.

The Wallonie-Brussels Delegation (Belgium) in Vietnam presented to the audience a very special performance, called “Crater No. 6899” by artist Gwendoline Robin, from the Wallonie-Brussels.
The “Crater No. 6899” is an art performance referring to an element related to both the Universe and the Earth, which is water.

A colorful performance

The performance explores elements that connect people with the world of stars and oceans via human relationship with water. This performance is inspired by sciences, especially astronomy and geology. Astronomy helps us observe the sky, the galaxy and the Universe. Geology helps us understand soil, rock, the formation and arrangement of mountains and their structures.
Artist Gwendoline Robin said: "The message of today's performance is to bring the contemporary art to Hue Festival 2018. It's called crater, as during my performance, I describe the relationship of water, the galaxy, soil and the formation of the Earth."

Story and photos: Xuan Quang