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27/06/2021 - 07:07

Creative hands-on with Truc Chi art

From June 20th to July 18th, an experience program called "The first Truc Chi Day" has been organized by Truc Chi Art of Vietnam on every Sunday at Trúc Chỉ Garden (located on number 5 Thach Han street of Hue City)

This is an opportunity for art lovers to experience and discover their own creative potentials with Truc Chi - a unique new form of visual art in Hue.

Under close guidance by Truc Chi artists, participants will have the chance to learn more about the cradle of Truc Chi and its space, and experience hands-on activities to create their own Truc Chi artworks. 

"The First Truc Chi Day" has been a recurring activity every summer holiday for the past 5 years by Truc Chi Art of Vietnam.

By Hue News