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09/10/2021 - 16:36

Cuisine list proposed for brand identity registration “Hue - The capital of Gastronomy”

The Department of Tourism has just consulted with professional agencies and experts on the proposed list of locally typical dishes to register the brand identity "Hue - The Capital of Gastronomy" for 20 typical dishes under 6 categories.

Hue traditional Bèo. Photo: Vo Nhan

Specifically, 3 royal dishes are nominated: The first being “Pigeon stew with bird's nest”, The next is “Goby fish braised with laksa leaves,” and finally “Lotus seed and Bird's Nest sweet soup.”

7 dishes are proposed for the category of folk cuisine, including Hue mussel rice, Hue Spicy Beef Noodles, Hue traditional Bèo, Nậm, Lọc cakes, Nam Phổ Tapioca Noodle Soup; Hương Cần leaf-wrapped rice cake; Vân Cù noodle; and Kình fish pancake. 

3 dishes are to be listed under the vegetarian category, that is Asparagus soup, Cầu Market leaf-wrapped rice cake, and Grilled seitan wrapped in guise leaves.

Sweet cuisine category is comprised of Phục Linh molded cake, Hue candied ginger, Hue sesame candy, and rice balls with roasted pork filling sweet soup. 

The condiment category contains 2 specialties: Hue sour shrimp and Hue shrimp sauce. And finally, Hue typical beverage includes Lotus marinated tea.

By Duc Quang