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09/04/2018 - 09:57

Cyclists brace Hue heavy rains, making a thrilling competition

On April 7, sudden rains drenched Hue city, posing many challenges to the 9th stage of Truong Tien - Phu Xuan, part of the 30th Ho Chi Minh City Television Cycling Tournament.

Commencing the race under the rain of Hue city. Photo: Han Dang

However, all the cyclists voiced their determination to battle and win out loud after being energized with encouragement of provincial leaders, organisers and enthusiastic cheers of crowds from the City of Ancient Capital, although the rain was getting heavier over time.

Starting at 15 Le Loi Street, after a short time getting used to wet and slippery roads, at the Truong Tien bridge, 5 cyclists suddenly geared up to the top and made a breakaway from the peloton of about 100 riders.  The distance was maintained for quite a long time.

Making no distance. Photo: Han Dang

Due to the hazardous showers  and soaky roads, many athletes were involved in crashes. Fortunately no significant injury occurred.

Right after the accomplishment of 20 laps (42km) of Truong Tien - Phu Xuan route of the 9th stage of the 30th annual race in celebration of the nation’s Liberation and Reunification Day, the cycling platoon on the April 8 continued to hit the road to conquer the 10th stage of Hue city - Danang city with 109km in length.

City’s fans cheering up for the cyclists. Photo: Han Dang

This stage is going to be tough since plus the dreadful weather and road conditions, the riders also have to surmount 3 passes including Phuoc Tuong, Phu Gia and Hai Van, in which Hai Van is well-known for its elevation and massive dangerous sharp turns.

In the 9th stage, rider Le Nguyet Minh was the first to cross the finishing line with an impressive sprint, winning the green jersey with the duration of 1 hour and 59 seconds.