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23/12/2017 - 09:50

“Dan bau (Monochord) – integration and development”

This is the theme of the seminar held by Hue Music Academy in collaboration with Vietnam Dan bau Club on December 12.

The seminar is an opportunity of professional exchange for dan bau artists nationwide.

The dan bau is a Vietnamese traditional musical instrument, aged over 500 years. However, it has experienced lots of ups and downs in its life. In the impact of contemporary music, the number of students learning how to play the dan bau rapidly declines. There is almost no professional theatre for the performance of traditional musical instruments, including the dan bau.

With the foundation of Vietnam Dan bau Club in 2014, which is the convergence of many local and foreign dan bau artists, the dan bau affirms its strong vitality, and becomes a special value in the system of Vietnamese traditional musical instruments.

Dan bau solo playing and Xam singing by People’s Artist Hoang Anh Tu

The value and development of the dan bau are affirmed and recognized through articles such as: Dan bau in the flow of time, gentle feelings of dan bau’s rhythm in Ca Hue, performance skills of dan bau in Ca Hue, etc. Some delegates suggested  quickly proposing to UNESCO to recognize the dan bau as an intangible heritage of humanity, besides the efforts to preserve and support this unique instrument.

Story and photos: Trang Hien