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31/12/2019 - 08:06

Dance - health and joy

Classical dance and Dance Sport have been welcomed by the Ancient Capital’s people.

A group of classical dance in the morning at Ngo Mon (Meridian Gate) Square

A change in the outlook

About 20 years ago, I didn’t know how classical dance developed in other provinces, but in Hue, classical dance, or to put it in folk way, nhảy đầm (dancing). It was ... mysterious and always in the "semi-public" state. Therefore, when young men and women, middle-aged and senior people did some dances, some people would pout and consider those to be “corrupt”.

After a period of development, aside from being a means of communication, classical dance also offers many benefits in health training, especially for the elderly unsuitable for strong and heavy sports like weightlifting, parallel bars, bar...

Therefore, only after a short time were the types such as practice groups, classical dance clubs born, attracting thousands of participants. From morning to night, depending on time arrangement, the dance enthusiasts gather in groups to perform some dances. If you do not believe, go to Ngo Mon Square, the front of Quoc Hoc High School, parks, clubs ….to know.

In addition to physical exercise, improvement of bodily flexibility and dexterity, music during practice also makes practitioners more refreshed, happier. “I have done this dance sport for 3 years. At first, my husband did not like it and said that my children will laugh at my dancing at old age. However, after several times of accompanying me, seeing that dancing is suitable for the constitution, age and helps practitioners to relax and have more friends, her husband is now more eager to practice than her”, said Ms. Thuy Hang (Hue City).

Born later than many provinces and cities, right after debuting in Hue, Dance Sport also got many unfriendly looks derived from costumes, from specific movements. Many people said, “What odd dancing! Continuously oaring arms, "stretching” the legs ...” However, in recent years, this sport has convinced the "public opinion" of many health and physique benefits, attracting more and more people to enroll in the course.

Dance Sport is suitable for teenagers, children because it requires the fast, decisive moves with hand, foot, bend, spiral, twist... However, many middle-aged people do this sport because it offers great benefits in physical exercise and physique maintenance.

Compared with the classical dance, Dance Sport causes aches and pains, even minor injuries for beginners. However, when overcoming the initial difficulties as well as finding empathy, harmony with the dance partner, the beginner feels sublimated as the body is "surfing" with each vibrant Rumba, Chachacha, Tango, Bebop ...

A pair of Hue Talent athletes in the competition at the 2019 Thua Thien Hue Dance Sport Tournament.

"Young" but not “immature"

Officially established in 2015 with only 10 students, right in the year of establishment, the coaches and athletes of Hue Talent Gifted Center (under the Provincial Sports Center) won 2 gold medals and 1 silver medal at the 2016 Danang Open Dance Sport Tournament, the championship at the 2018 National Youth Sport Dance Tournament; Besides, they received the first prize of the entire team at the 2019 Thua Thien Hue Open Dance Sport Tournament, and recently, have ranked 3rd in the entire team at the 2019 Da Nang Dance Sport Tournament.

Also during 3 years of efforts under the guidance of high-class coaches, the centerhad nearly 150 students in 2 facilities (Ha Huy Tap Street and Nguyen Cong Tru Street, Hue City), and trained 6 professional coaches. "From the activities, competitions inside and outside the province, Hue Talent can be said to be one of the leading centers in Hue in developing Dance Sport movement and competition", Ms. Nguyen Khanh Linh (Ms. Trieu, Hue City), who has 2 children taking the course, judged.

Founded in the same year as Hue Talent, initially the Binh Minh Dance Sport Club (Yet Kieu Street, Hue City) had only 5 students. After a short time, besides regularly maintaining 40-60 students, this club won 1 gold medal, 1 silver medal at the 2017 Da Nang Open Dance Sport Tournament, 1 gold medal and 1 collective gold cup at the 2019 Thua Thien Hue Dance Sport Tournament.

"Unlike Hue Talent, the direction of the club focuses on developing the movement for the middle-aged," said Nguyen Thanh Tung, Chairman of Binh Minh (Sunrise) Dance Sport Club.

Also born in 2015, aside from the main facility on Hung Vuong Street (Hue City), Trieu Tan Dancesport Club has many branches in Tu Ha (Huong Tra Township), Phu Bai (Huong Thuy Township). .

Initially, this club had only 5 students, but within 2 years 2018-2019, increased to nearly 100 students. The club won the consecutive titles: the 2nd prize of the entire team at the Thua Thien Hue Open Dance Sport Tournament; the 3rd prize of the entire team for Gia Lai Open Trophy together with nearly 100 gold trophies, gold and silver medals at the Thanh Hoa, Da Nang, Nghe An and Gia Lai tournaments. “Aside from the movement development to train athletes for the top tournaments, the goal of the club is to Dancesport Club.

A quick review indicates that in spite of its appearance only 4-5 years back, Dance Sport in Hue held great appeal and succeeded. Besides, although the Dance Sport centers and clubs in Hue had a modest starting point in terms of both manpower and facilities, the trophies, gold medals won show the potential of the contingent of Hue dance sport coaches and athletes.

Story and photos: HAN ĐANG