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24/10/2021 - 19:00

Digitalizing precious Han – Nom (Sino-Vietnamese characters) documents in Quang Phu commune, Quang Dien district

From October 18 to 30, the Provincial General Library digitalized precious Han – Nom documents that are under preservation in families, villages in Quang Phu commune Quang Dien district.

The Provincial General Library digitalizing Han – Nom document to preserve precious heritage

Accordingly, the Provincial General Library collaborated with local authorities to open the ordination box of precious Han – Nom documents of 7 families in Bao La village to digitalize and preserve these rare and precious document sources. This is the place holding a great number of valuable documents with nearly 1.000 pages including conferment, cadastral documents, funeral oration, and village convention.

Previously, the library team also digitalized the Han – Nom documents in the hamlets of Ha Lang, Ha Cang of Quang Phu commune and their digitalization process with this precious document source will keep on carrying out in the remaining villages such as Xuan Tuy, Bac Vong Dong, Nghia Lo, Nam Phu, and Nho Lam, etc.

After nearly 13 years (2009 – 2021), the Provincial General Library has collected and digitalized documents in 14 royal residences, 164 villages, temples, garden house, over 610 families in the provincial area; in which they collected and digitalized over 300.000 pages of Han – Nom documents of historical significance and value.

At present, around 150 villages in the provincial area haven’t yet carried out the document survey, collection and digitalization. In the coming time, the Provincial General Library will continue to give priority to implement the digitalization in the villages containing many precious Han – Nom documents; at the same time keeping on encouraging and promoting the activities of Han – Nom heritage preservation for families, villages and communes.

By Minh Hien