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08/09/2018 - 19:50

Displaying and Introducing the Project of Kien Trung Palace Restoration

Under the reign of Khai Dinh (1916 – 1925), in February 1921, Kien Trung Palace was set to work and completed in 1923. The palace became the working place of King Khai Dinh and the living place of the king’s family.

Kien Trung Palace is the most typical and important work marking the unique and special period and complementing Hue royal architecture.

Introducing the project of Kien Trung Palace restoration to representatives

In 1932, King Bao Dai gave an order to improve the interiors and install Western facilities while still keeping the exteriors. Since then, Kien Trung became the living place of King’s family.

After the success of August Revolution, on 29 August 1945, Kien Trung Palace became the witness of the event of King Bao Dai’s first meeting with the Provisional Government to officially discuss about his abdication and give back the administration to the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. In 1947, the work was destroyed by the war.

Visiting the Kien Trung’s vestiges

In term of artistic value, Kien Trung Palace is full of the traits of Indochina-style work with the combination between Asian and European styles. Kien Trung Palace is decorated with the decorative details of patterns, animals which fully bear the cultural identities of imperial vignette, creating the typical aesthetic trend.

Story, photos: Dong Van