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23/07/2021 - 17:23

Displaying coal handicraft products

On the morning of July 22, Thua Thien Hue Provincial Museum of History collaborated with Quang Ninh Museum to open a thematic exhibition named “Quang Ninh Coal Sculpture Profession”.

The exhibition is an opportunity for the Hue public to enjoy the unique artistic values of handicraft products made of coal

The exhibition introduces to the viewers the overview of the formation and history of the development of coal industry with historical events. Notably, the 1840 royal edict of Emperor Ming Mang marked the birth of the Vietnam coal industry.

The viewers also get the chance to enjoy the special artistic values of 100 coal handicraft products made by the artisans from Quang Ninh. Each sculpture work expresses the profound wisdom, creativity, as well as skillfulness, and tireless passion for the craft of the artisans.

The coal sculpture has become the distinct cultural feature of Quang Ninh, which has been considered a traditional profession associated with the formation history of the mining land. It takes a long process of meticulous creativity as well as the skillful hands of the artisans to turn the rough coals into a soulful handicraft product.

By Minh Hien