07/06/2017 - 19:29

Dragon boat renting service on Huong River

Here are the price list of dragon boat services on the Huong River for tourists to refer

Dragon boat on Huong River.


* Tickets for Ca Hue on the the Huong River

Service  Price (VND) Time
Ticket for listening Ca Hue on Huong River with group

100.000 VND/person (Vietnamese visitors)

150,000 VND/person (foreign visitors)

2 shows:

- 19h - 20h00

- 20h - 21h

* Ticket price for renting single and double boat services on Huong River

Service Single Boat Double Boat Time
Visitting Thien Mu Pagoda by Dragon Boat  250.000  400.000  
Discovering the fishing village  200.000  300.000 1 hour
Visiting Thien Mu + Hon Chen  350.000  700.000  

* Note:

- Single boat: 8 guests for maximum, Double boat: 30 persons for maximum 

- On New Year holidays and festivals, prices could be changed.

- Prices could be changed without notice.

 - Including VAT