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10/01/2019 - 17:25

Drawing music

"Peintures musicales" is an exhibition by Jacob Reymond, the painter from France. It has just opened on the afternoon of January 9 at French Institute in Hue.

Enjoying Jacob Reymond’s work

The exhibition introduces 10 works painted in acrylic and Chinese ink on paper and canvas, inspired from classical, contemporary, and jazz music or from exclusive compositions.

In the studio, Jacob Reymond often chooses a sympony which was composed somewhere or a sudden one that resounds from his meetings with friends, or in music performances, or from sudden inspirations. Bach's music is his daily dish and becomes his inspiration.

At the age of 16, Jacob Reymond began working as a worker in a factory, at the same time he began painting. At the age of 20, he had his first solo exhibition. After a few years, he stoped painting because he thirsted for exploring other art forms such as theater, music and cinema. In the end, he began to be more serious about painting.

The artist shared: “Music is also my passion, so I always draw the suites in the space of musical harmony. Now, I draw songs. Every time I choose a a piece of music, I attentively listen to it for a long time in many different versions and decode it. Then I express the music in my own way on the canvas or on paper, recording the musical notes in painting with shapes and colors".

The exhibition takes place until February 12.

* On the afternoon of the same day, Jacob Reymond also had a talk on the topic "Picasso - the revolution in painting history".

Jacob Reymond (on the right) introduces the contributions of the distinguished painter Picasso

Jacob Reymond introduced to the public life and career of  Picasso, a distinguished painter, from his first days when he came to Paris, underwent stages of creation and the influence in his creative trends ... Jacob Reymond also introduced the famous paintings and contributions of this genius painter.

By Trang Hien