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12/05/2020 - 07:56

Duck sausage in loofah leaf wrap

My grandmother only prepares duck sausage wrapped in loofah leaves when she receives distinguished guests. It is time-consuming to prepare it. I still remember that I could eat it once in a blue moon. Yet I am sure that you will never forget its flavor once you eat it.

Duck sausage wrapped in loofah leaves and steamed is delicious

My grandparents raised ducks. When we visited them, my grandfather would choose one for duck meat. I and my sister used to follow my grandmother to the garden to pick loofah leaves. There were so many yellow flowers on the loofah truss. While my grandmother was picking the leaves, we were picking the yellow flowers.

After picking the leaves, my grandmother returned to the kitchen while my grandfather finished preprocessing the duck meat. She rinsed the leaves and put them in a basket to get them dry. She was very quick and skillful.

When a knife and a cutting board were already put on the two banana leaves, my grandmother cut the duck in halves, then cut the duck meat along the ribs and thighs and put in a large bowl. The remaining of the duck will be cut into pieces and stewed to serve with sticky rice.

Once ready, she minced the duck meat in the large bowl, adding some purple onion, ginger, salt, pepper and seasoning. When it became a viscous mixture, she put it into the bowl again, poured in some fried onion and oil and started to wrap the duck mince with loofah leaves.

She held a hand-sized loofah leaf with one hand, put a spoonful of duck mince in the other, and wrapped or rolled it. She meticulously made it until the last spoon of duck mince. After that, she put all into the basket of the steamer.

The steamer for sticky rice was used to steam duck sausage. Boiled water was poured in the container, then the basket was put in and covered with a lid. It took her 20 minutes to steam the duck sausage.

When the sausage was done, the loofah leaves turned to a beautiful green color, and the duck sausage looked good. The delicious duck sausage together with the smell of ginger and loofah leaves was very tempting.

Duck sausage wrapped in loofah leaves can be dipped in sour sauce or fish sauce with ginger. It is a combination of different tastes: the savory of fish sauce, the taste of duck meat and the aroma of the loofah leaves.

This dish is very delicious and it can be eaten for the main meal, at the snack time or at the party.


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