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03/02/2020 - 11:20

Dutch artist holds an exhibition on spiritual culture in Hue

On the afternoon of February 2, at New Space Arts Foundation (hamlet 3, Lai The hamlet, Phu Thuong, Phu Vang district), Janneke Kornet, a Dutch artist, opened an exhibition to introduce to the public the installation artworks which she has just created in Hue.

Janneke Kornet artist (second from left) introducing the ideas for the creation of the installation artworks

After a month staying at New Space Arts Foundation, Janneke Kornet has learned about the spiritual culture in Hue and created many artworks about Thien Y A Na by agarwood, as well as the artworks about the worshipping culture by sand and incense sticks through the artwork “Hue”, and some others made from Truc chi (bamboo) and votive paper, etc.

Sharing about the creative ideas at the exhibition, Janneke Kornet said: “Spiritual culture in Vietnam attracts me for a deep inquiry because this is the difference and uniqueness which cannot be found in the Netherlands. After the exhibition in Hue, I will bring back these artworks to display in an exhibition in the Netherlands”.

The exhibition of Janneke Kornet will last until February 5.

Story and photo: Trang Hien