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25/01/2020 - 15:14

Eagerly welcoming the Year of the Mouse 

Right at the time of transitioning from the year of the Pig to the new year of the Mouse 2020, fireworks filled the sky with colors, along with the cheers of local people and visitors.

Goodbyes for the old year were said and wishes of good luck welcomed the new year. 

The transitioning moment between the year of the Pig and the year of the Mouse

When the first fireworks were fired in the sky, everyone seemed to quiet down. The vehicles travelling on the roads also stopped to watch the fireworks and wish each other a happy new year. 

From the ironwood walkway on the southern bank of the Huong River, thousands of people cheered together in the meaningful moment. Heads turned to the Flag Pole to admire the beautiful fireworks amidst the cool Tet weather in Hue. "Goodbye to the old year and wish for a new year with joy and good fortunes for all...” Nguyen An Hoai (Hue City) shared.

Also, in the moment of farewell to the old year to welcome the new year, the village space at the community tourism site of Thanh Toan tiled-roof bridge (Thuy Thanh - Huong Thuy) was illuminated by 500 multi-colored fireworks, brilliantly lighting up the sky.

“For many years now, my family and I have always gone to watch New Year's fireworks, so it is not a strange experience. However, when watching fireworks right here in my hometown, it gives me many different emotions that are difficult to describe,” said Le Nguyen Suu - a Thuy Thanh resident.

Previously, in harmony with the moment of waiting for the New Year fireworks, at Thuy Thanh tiled-roof bridge Farm House, there were many special cultural and art activities to serve the locals and expatriates visiting the homeland on the occasion of traditional Lunar New Year such as "Hello Spring of the Mouse 2020", electronic music DJ, Du ca Co Do ... of artists, actors, students and volunteers. The performances created a bustling and vibrant atmosphere before the time of the new year.

Mr. Nguyen Thanh Minh - Vice Chairman of People's Committee of Huong Thuy Town shared: “This is the first time Huong Thuy Town organizes fireworks to welcome the new year. To ensure a meaningful New Year's Eve, from the afternoon of the 29th of the Lunar calendar, all work related to the installation of fireworks, security and order, health, transportation ... had been completed."

Thousands of people watch fireworks from the southern bank of the Huong River

A 15-minute fireworks display to celebrate the New Year was fired from Ngo Mon Gate

The influx of people coming to the ironwood walkway along the Huong River to welcome the New Year

At this meaningful moment, many people wished each other good wishes

Impressive fireworks launching in the sky 

A family taking photos during the sacred time

Thousands of people stood on the banks of the Perfume River to welcome the New Year

A resident capturing the meaningful moment

Fireworks glowing on New Year's Eve in Thuy Thanh, Huong Thuy

Before that, many special cultural and art performances for local people and tourists took place at Thuy Thanh Farm House

Story and photos: Han Dang