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19/01/2018 - 21:23

Ekocenter in place, locals and tourists enjoy multiple benefits

On Jan 18, the Ekocenter funded by Coca-Cola Vietnam was introduced in Thuy Thanh commune, right on the walk to the famous Cau Ngoi Thanh Toan (Thanh Toan Japanese-style Bridge). The project is implemented with a partnership between the company and the social enterprise Hue Xanh.

The ribbons were cut to bring the center into operation

The center, powered by solar energy, is a novel and integrated model functioning as a clean and free water supplier with a capacity of 6,000 liters per day, refreshment and grocery shop, and internet access unit.

The center is hoped to help trigger more community-based initiatives; for instance, skill training or online training for the locals, and generate more added values to this ASEAN winning tourist destination.

This project is one of the 4 centers to be erected in 2018, which will finally reach the company’s goal to set up totally 13 centers across the country.

Guests and local people eager to taste the filtered water at the center

“The Ekocenters in Vietnam have proved their impacts by continuously bringing about multiple benefits to the communities such as water supply, promotion of energy use awareness, climate change coping, and economic empowerment to local women via start-up trainings,” said Mr. Sanket Ray, Coca-Cola Vietnam’s Executive Director.

Cau Ngoi Thanh Toan, a famous community-based tourism model in Hue, won the ASEAN prize in 2017

At the opening ceremony, Coca-Cola and Hue Xanh social enterprise also presented certificates to the local females who attended a start-up training previously organized, and offered 100 new-year gift bags to the commune’s poor households.

Story and photos: The Vinh